4 Simple Steps to Meeting a Guy

meetaguyLet’s say you spotted a totally hot guy a few tables away from you. Like a totally steaming, gorgeous, hot guy – what do you do? Go!

Do you just shy away and think that you are way out of his league and just look down at your table? Or would you rather make your move and try to talk to him Personally, I would prefer the second choice. No, don’t give me that “that’s crazy and suicidal” look! Trust me, meeting a guy – no matter how hot he is – is just so easy!

Here are four simple ways which will surely make you a thousand steps closer to getting close to that guy:


  1. Always look your best!

No matter how much we say that our personalities are so electrifying and great, we still can’t deny how our looks affect the way people see us. Especially the guys. Let’s all accept it – guys see and check out the physical aspect first before they decide to approach us. That is why, if you want to have a chance with your target – or with any other guy – it is a big must that you should always look your best. Put some make up on, dress up, wear some lipstick, and be confident about yourself!


  1. Flash that smile and wave a little

We all know that there is nothing else which could be more inviting than a warm smile. And if you would flash your lovely and welcoming smile to that hot guy you are targeting, you should might as well get ready to say the words “Target acquired”! You see, a smile is basically a display of friendliness and approachability. Add a little wave to that and you are already Miss Congeniality and should-be-talked to gal. So go on, give that guy your smile and wave a little! He’ll surely be drawn towards you!


  1. Talk to him first

Ladies should not make the first move. Yes, I would agree to that if we are still on the 1800s, but come on! We are already on the 21st century! We don’t need restrictions now, everybody knows that! So here’s the deal; after smiling and waving hello at him, the next step would be to talk to him. Approach him in a casual manner and say “Hey!” or “Hi!” Say for example, if you are in a bar you can say something like “Great music huh?” or “Oh, you’re drinking shots today? You planning to get drunk?” You know, just try talking about something which will pique his interest.


  1. Let your charm flow

Now girl, this is the part in which you need to let that oozing charm of yours to do the work. You have to be really friendly to the guy.

“Sushita, how the heck am I supposed to do this thing?” Chill, okay? Act casually like you two are buddies. For goodness’s sakes, be sociable sister! Say for example, if you are at the bar, you can casually ask him if he wants to dance and the two of you can head out to the dance floor and talk while dancing.

Whilst talking to the guy, do not forget to compliment him; tell him how you love his shirt, how his shoes look so cool, and that you love his tousled hair – all those complimenting thingy. He’ll love that for sure! Plus, whenever he starts talking and opening up about something, you have to be really attentive and act like you are interested and fascinated with whatever he is saying; this way, he will feel more relaxed and think that the two of you are really connecting.


So, what else are you waiting for, ladies? These are oh – so – easy steps to meet the guy you’ve been targeting for quite some time already! Go get him!

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