4 types of Women Guys Go For

types of women men likeMen love going out, meeting and dating women. Men love looking at women and appreciating their beauty. Or to make things simple, men love women. But have you ever wondered if there is a certain classification of women guys just adore and go crazy for? Well, basically, there is no particular type of girl which guys fall for – because there are five of them!

So if you want to be the men’s apple of the eye, here are the four types of women guys go for. You are free to choose and try being one these types!


  1. The “one of the boys” type

First, let me describe to you what this type is. Essentially, a woman of this kind looks and talks in such a way that any other natural woman does. However, the difference lies within their actions. These “one of the boys” women just can’t help but act like guys; they love sports like boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, oh the list goes on and on; they love watching action films such as Expendables, The Transporter, Die Hard, etc; and they love rock bands! What men love about these ladies is that they feel so comfortable around them – they don’t see any need to censor anything they say – heck, they can say whatever they want! Men can act like men when they are with these gals – they can be themselves. And that’s a very important thing in a relationship.



  1. The intelligent type

Women under this classification are just so great to be with. Simply because you can talk to them about anything under the heat of the sun! Every time a man opens up a certain topic, surely an intelligent woman will be able to say something about it – and it is gonna make sense! The thing about an intelligent lady is that men usually get challenged whenever they are together; they think that the lady will get bored of them if they’ll run out of topic that’s why they would feel the need to always learn something new to share. Plus, the debates and challenging differences in views are all pretty interesting and amusing for them too.



  1. The sensitive type

Sometimes girls can really be sensitive on some matters, but this type of girl is SO MUCH MORE sensitive. A sample of this type is a lady who still has feelings for her ex who left her for another girl. Vulnerable women are pretty much in a “bad place” and look sad even though they are smiling. These women have pain showing in their eyes. And whether you realize this or not, guys actually want to wipe away the pain and hurt they see in a woman’s eyes. Men feel so drawn into vulnerable girls like they want to protect them in any way they can. Guys love acting like they’re superheroes, you know.



4. The “free spirited” type

You know how there are people in this world who just sort of goes with the flow? They just go for whatever their gut and instinct tells them. A “free spirited” woman is a part of them. She will not abide by the rules and just live life to the fullest without any restrictions. And that’s exactly why the male species love her. Men, usually being organized and goal-oriented, just can’t help but get charmed and drawn into how carefree this girl lives her life. These enticed gentlemen eventually end up finding themselves falling for this type of girl.






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