7 Best, Unusual Places To Meet Men – Bar Not Included

how to meet menThere’s a saying that love only finds you if you stop looking for it. But this rule is meant to be broken. You may think that the only place to meet men is through a bar. However, research shows that there are ideal places where you can find the opportunity to look for “the one.” If you’re looking for a date on Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve, then you must go to places where single men are hanging out.

Here’s a list of surprising and not-so surprising places where you can meet your match. But you must keep in mind that men can be found anywhere. So, don’t overlook those men that you meet each day as you go to the malls or pick your dry cleaning. As experts said, there’s probably one guy out there who’s checking you out without you knowing it.

1. Buses and trains
Commuting allows you to meet various types of people. And it may include the man of your dreams. You’ll never know, the person sitting next to you is your future Mr. Smith. So, go ahead and keep your eyes open when riding on buses, subways or trains. Having something to talk and laugh about with that person next to you could be your best shot of finding love. And face it. You won’t meet someone if you’re alone in your car. Right?

2. Local hardware store
There’s one thing that your local hardware store can teach you. It’s the fact that attractive homeowners are usually doing their own renovations. Thus, hanging out in a hardware joint is a great place to meet a guy. When men are surrounded by tools, their masculine side will usually show up. And if you do go alone, you’re secretly telling him that you’re not attached to anyone, except your insurance.

3. Coffee shop
No, you’re not hunting for baristas. Just go and sit there for a few hours doing reading or writing. Wait a little longer and you’ll surely meet some new people. It may include the one you’ve been waiting for. So, don’t just order coffee, get sugar and leave when you visit a coffee shop.

4. Seminars
It doesn’t have to be related to your business. You can sign up for a cooking session or anything that you’re interested in. When you’re surrounded with people who have the same interests as you’ve, you’ll have something to start a conversation.

5. Sports leagues
Men do love recreational sports. You can meet younger men when you go and see contact sports, like football or basketball. However, if your type is older men, then going to a golf course may give you an opportunity to meet that man.
6. Grocery store
Don’t consider grocery shopping as a chore. Instead, treat it as a way for you to meet a man. There are a few good men visiting and shopping for their own food. And if you see an opportunity, don’t wait too long to start a conversation with that cute guy beside you, who’s also looking for a hearty meal to prepare.

7. Online dating.
Dating online is the best way for your to meet a man, especially if you’re not comfortable talking with strangers. Use those online dating tools to go through a list of possible men who have common interests as you have.
And if these 7 places didn’t work for you, you can apply to be the next “Bachelorette” on TV so men will have to come to you and not the other way around.

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