8 Tips on How to Be a Man Magnet

how to attract menI’m sure you have already noticed how some girls are just total guy magnets. I mean, they lure guys so easily and it even seem like they are not exerting any effort at all! Do they have charmed bracelets, amulets, or something? Heck, no! The only difference between normal girls and these man magnets is that the latter know how to conduct themselves in front of men.

Wanna be a man magnet? Here are 8 tips which will surely turn you into one!


  1. Always make sure that you look attractive

First things first: you gotta make sure that you look beautiful and well-groomed. I mean, who would want to hang out with a woman who has unkempt and uncombed hair, right? Make sure that you would be able to attract the hungry eyes of the men. Please do look fresh and beautiful for goodness’ sakes! Do not wear anything which is too revealing, so that there would still be something left in the guys’ imagination. However, you shouldn’t wear clothes which cover too much skin too – just wear something adequate, yet exciting and would make you look gorgeous.



  1. Look at guys and smile

Let me tell you something. There is nothing much more inviting than a warm and a little seducing smile together with a three to five-second stare. That, my friend, is pretty much the ultimate invitation to the guys. And if you do this smile and stare trick to a guy, he would be heading towards your direction and would be all over you! Trust me on this, girl. You are so gonna be a man magnet!



  1. Emphasize your best attributes

We all know that each one of us has something which we could really boast of. We can also call them as our “assets”. This could be anything; our appearance, our wit, humor, intelligence, proficiency in different languages, or our manners. Say for instance, in my case I believe my best attributes would be my intelligence and friendliness. All of us have different assets, you know.

How about you, what do you think is your asset? Is it your voluptuous body? If it is, then you can emphasize that by wearing fit dresses which will acknowledge the shape of your body. Always make it a point that your best qualities would somehow shine.



  1. Be approachable

Let me ask you something. Would you really want to hang around a person who is acting like a bratty old grouch? Of course not! Simply said, being reproachable and harsh would just make the guys lose interest in you. That is why you have to be friendly and approachable. Be polite enough to greet whoever is saying hello to you.



  1. Make small talks

Of course, this is something which you really need in order to become a man magnet. You need to be able to engage the gentlemen into casual conversations. Talk about common things which guys know about and could relate to. Say for example, talk about the bar you are hanging out at, the government, popular movies, etc. Also, another thing which you should never ever forget is to compliment the guys. Give them some “I love your shirt by the way,” or “Nice tie, it complements your eyes.”



  1. Act like a woman

Surely you have to act like a lady. Men love it when they feel like they are somehow needed. For instance, you can let guys open the door for you, offer and buy you drinks, and you can definitely let them carry your things such as books and bags. As a man magnet, you have to let the male species do their job, you know.



  1. Let that confidence ooze

If there is anything you should know about man magnets, it would be the basic fact that guy magnets KNOW that they ARE guy magnets. That is exactly why they ACT like it. So if you want guys to go crazy over you, make sure that you let your charisma do its work. Whatever you do, whatever you say, do and say it with full confidence!



  1. Maintain your good manners

And last but not the least, always have good manners. Say for instance, if you have already figured out that the guy hovering all over you is already married, do not encourage him! That would just end up in a riot, sister, so please avoid trouble as much as you can. Also, always remind yourself that you shouldn’t criticize others just to make yourself feel better. That would be a major turn off to the guys and you would just look like a girl who’s bitchin’ around.


There you have it. What else are you waiting? Become a man magnet already!

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