Guide to Attracting Men

8 Tips on How to Be a Man Magnet

how to attract menI’m sure you have already noticed how some girls are just total guy magnets. I mean, they lure guys so easily and it even seem like they are not exerting any effort at all! Do they have charmed bracelets, amulets, or something? Heck, no! The only difference between normal girls and these man magnets is that the latter know how to conduct themselves in front of men.

Wanna be a man magnet? Here are 8 tips which will surely turn you into one!


  1. Always make sure that you look attractive

First things first: you gotta make sure that you look beautiful and well-groomed. I mean, who would want to hang out with a woman who has unkempt and uncombed hair, right? Make sure that you would be able to attract the hungry eyes of the men. Please do look fresh and beautiful for goodness’ sakes! Do not wear anything which is too revealing, so that there would still be something left in the guys’ imagination. However, you shouldn’t wear clothes which cover too much skin too – just wear something adequate, yet exciting and would make you look gorgeous.



  1. Look at guys and smile

Let me tell you something. There is nothing much more inviting than a warm and a little seducing smile together with a three to five-second stare. That, my friend, is pretty much the ultimate invitation to the guys. And if you do this smile and stare trick to a guy, he would be heading towards your direction and would be all over you! Trust me on this, girl. You are so gonna be a man magnet!



  1. Emphasize your best attributes

We all know that each one of us has something which we could really boast of. We can also call them as our “assets”. This could be anything; our appearance, our wit, humor, intelligence, proficiency in different languages, or our manners. Say for instance, in my case I believe my best attributes would be my intelligence and friendliness. All of us have different assets, you know.

How about you, what do you think is your asset? Is it your voluptuous body? If it is, then you can emphasize that by wearing fit dresses which will acknowledge the shape of your body. Always make it a point that your best qualities would somehow shine.



  1. Be approachable

Let me ask you something. Would you really want to hang around a person who is acting like a bratty old grouch? Of course not! Simply said, being reproachable and harsh would just make the guys lose interest in you. That is why you have to be friendly and approachable. Be polite enough to greet whoever is saying hello to you.



  1. Make small talks

Of course, this is something which you really need in order to become a man magnet. You need to be able to engage the gentlemen into casual conversations. Talk about common things which guys know about and could relate to. Say for example, talk about the bar you are hanging out at, the government, popular movies, etc. Also, another thing which you should never ever forget is to compliment the guys. Give them some “I love your shirt by the way,” or “Nice tie, it complements your eyes.”



  1. Act like a woman

Surely you have to act like a lady. Men love it when they feel like they are somehow needed. For instance, you can let guys open the door for you, offer and buy you drinks, and you can definitely let them carry your things such as books and bags. As a man magnet, you have to let the male species do their job, you know.



  1. Let that confidence ooze

If there is anything you should know about man magnets, it would be the basic fact that guy magnets KNOW that they ARE guy magnets. That is exactly why they ACT like it. So if you want guys to go crazy over you, make sure that you let your charisma do its work. Whatever you do, whatever you say, do and say it with full confidence!



  1. Maintain your good manners

And last but not the least, always have good manners. Say for instance, if you have already figured out that the guy hovering all over you is already married, do not encourage him! That would just end up in a riot, sister, so please avoid trouble as much as you can. Also, always remind yourself that you shouldn’t criticize others just to make yourself feel better. That would be a major turn off to the guys and you would just look like a girl who’s bitchin’ around.


There you have it. What else are you waiting? Become a man magnet already!

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How To Attract A Shy Man : 5 Steps That Work

How To Attract A Shy Man: 5 Rules In Dating Indifferent Men

How To Attract A Shy Man: 5 Rules In Dating Indifferent Men

Some guys are overly confident while others are too shy to face you.

If you like a guy but his shyness tends to get in his way, then there are things that you need to consider seriously. With this type of guy, you need to appear more available. Often times, you’ll be the taking the lead if you want to attract him further and get him into a relationship with you.

However, in every move that you make towards him, you must make sure that he responds positively. If he isn’t, then you need to get out of that fantasy before you’ll find yourself stuck in a place where you’re in love with someone who’s not into you.

Now, here’s a list of things that you can do to crack his shyness.

1. Go out with him as friends

Shy men are confident when they’re with their friends and family. But when they’re with women, they tend to get intimidated. To erase his shyness when he’s with you, take the time out and spend time together doing friendly things. This will help you get to know him more while he’ll learn to slowly drop his guard.

2. Be with him when he’s engaged in his interests

For instance, if he likes sports, go watch and see him play. When he’s in his element, his charisma and self-confidence are very high. He’ll feel empowered to talk to you, i.e. if he’s interested in you.

3. Praise him

Giving him sincere compliment will boost his self-esteem. Whenever he does things that you really admire, let him know that and praise him for what he did. By boosting his confidence, he’ll more likely to open to you and talk to you more often. He’s not fishing for compliment but when you do praise him, you’re actually building trust in your relationship.

4. Ask for help with anything

Men like helping women. That’s their nature. You can ask him to fix his computer, your door or your bike. If he’s interested in you, he’ll drop everything and visit your house to fix those things. While he’s fixing things inside your house, go and ask him what he’s doing. You’ll see that he’ll talk more than he normally does. When he’s in this mode, he is more likely to talk and share his life with you. He may even share his true feelings about you.

5. Know what he likes

When he’s already in his talking mode, you should start asking him about his interests, likes and dislikes. But don’t ask in-depth question like his family, his past girlfriends, etc. Instead, try to make the conversation lighter. For instance, you can ask him about the food that he likes or the fun activities that he wants to engage in. This is the time when you’re already opening your door too much. If he doesn’t respond to that, then move on. He’s really not into you.

It’s not that all difficult to bring out the best in those shy guys. With these flirting tips, you’ll be able to make him ask you for a date. When he does ask you out, you must make sure that you don’t make him feel intimated.

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How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

Do you feel something for this guy but he’s not just interested in you no matter what you do?

If you think you’ve done everything to make him attracted to you, then you’re wrong. A man is a man. Whether you’re beautiful or not, he can change his mind if you show him the way.

This post will help you find the hidden truth about his real feelings for you. The ideas presented here will assist you in winning the man you want even if he acts like he’s not really into. It’s the type of article that men don’t want you to read as it can disclose their weaknesses making them defenseless.

Listed below are techniques that you can try to seduce any type of man you want.

1. Let the power of scent help you

A certain scent can influence someone’s judgment. And that includes your man. With the use of a scent, you can boost your attractiveness toward any man. The majority of men would like to get amorous with women just by smelling their scent. It’s the way you smell that can improve your success in seducing guys.

Just like the pheromones in the animal kingdom, you can enhance your natural pheromones with the use of aromatherapy oils present in some perfumes. In fact, Shakespeare wrote that Marc Anthony fell in love with Cleopatra through the exotic scent present on a ship where they met.

If you wear perfume, however, you must make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Apply it only to your body’s pulse points to enhance its aroma.

2. Don’t reveal everything

Men like to be curious. When dressing up, try not to look like slutty. You can show a little bit but don’t reveal everything. It’s always a turn off for most men. That guy you’re obsessed with will change his perception of you if you try to enhance some of your body regions without actually showing him everything. You can add sexy accessories by wearing bracelets and necklaces each time you meet him.

3. Show him that you’re different

Men can easily forget about you after a few moments of meeting them. However, you can make him be interested in you if you try to show him that you’re different. In here, you only want him to remember you when you’re not around him. You’ll be occupying more of his thoughts.

4. Be a woman with confidence

Most men would love to date a woman who’s confident; who knows what she wants; and learns how to get it. But don’t be too confident as you’ll end up looking arrogant. You can renew yourself by getting a complete makeover. Do everything that can boost your confidence.

5. Show him signs that you’re interested in him

Men are afraid to show their feelings so they appear to be not interested in someone. But, if you send him signs of interests, he’ll surely come forward. You can play with your hair. Wetting and biting your lips also work.

There are other ways to attract a man that you like but you think is not interested in you. You can be playful but mysterious. Confuse him with your actions. Don’t appear to be needy. These tips are very powerful that if you use them, he’ll surely ask you out.

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How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Guy: 6 Easy Steps To Escape

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Guy: 6 Easy Steps To Escape

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Guy: 6 Easy Steps To Escape

Oh, yeah, the friend zone. It’s a place that almost every person doesn’t want to be in. Many people considered it as a wasteland. It’s a place where you get along with this person and see a potential that the two of you could be something more. Unfortunately, that person only sees you as his buddy.

But fear no more. You can move away from that wasteland. This post will teach you how to do so. This friend zone usually happens when a guy considers you as his trusted friend but not as his potential mate. Then again, you can escape from those clutches.

Here’s a list of things that you can try to get out of the friend zone and turn him into your boyfriend.

1. Increase flirtations

Being in a friend zone requires you to listen to him all the time and help him solve some of his problems. But if you do want to get out of that zone, you need to be touchy feely. Do flirt with him. It doesn’t mean that you have to talk dirty or have sex with him. Just do girly flirty things and they can do wonders.

2. Know how you got into that situation

If you understand how he became your friend in the first place, then it’ll be easier for you to get out of that zone. You may need to change his perception about you. It may be difficult but it’s the only way to do it if you really want him to be your boyfriend and not just his confidante.

3. Show him your other side

But make sure that it’s a good side of you. Breaking out of a friend zone needs drastic change. If you always wear athletic clothing, then why not try dressing up and wear stylish clothes. You can also talk to him about “dating” so you can present to your opinion about your current relationship with him. It might open his mind about it.

4. Stop being a good friend to him

If you want to get out of that zone, then start acting as his girlfriend. Let him realize that picking him up from the airport or washing his clothes are privileges that you only offer to special someone.

5. Use your advantage

You’re his friend and you know his likes and dislikes. Thus, you know what type of girl he likes. Because you’re his close friend, you can influence him about his relationship. Make him change his mind about what an ideal dating partner is. From there, you can shift your direction and make yourself his ideal partner to date.

6. Tell him how you feel

Sometimes, a guy doesn’t know what to say it. He might be hiding special feelings for you but he’s afraid you might dump him. For that reason, it’s essential that you express your desire and let him know that you want to be more than just a friend. This can be difficult. But it’s the only way to help you stop wondering what the real score between you two is.

But getting out of the friend zone requires proper timing. If he’s involved with someone, then it’s better to hide your feelings from him than causing damage to the relationship you already have with him.

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: 10 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You 10 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You 10 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Some guys are difficult to read. Oftentimes, however, they’re easier to decode. Unfortunately, the personal feelings of women tend to get in the way. As a result, they waste their time to a guy who doesn’t really like them.

Before taking things any further with that man you’re with, you must learn how to decode those signs that your man is showing.

Here’s a list of things that men do when they’re really feeling something for a girl.

1. Looks you into your eyes

A guy always looks into your eyes. He wants you to know that you’re his focus. That guy respects you as a human being by looking into your beautiful eyes before he makes a move. Men love to let their eyes talk as they consider their eye contact as a wonderful ice breaker.

2. Tones down his naughty side when he’s around you

He really likes you if his whole behavior changes when he’s around you. For instance, if he’s a little silly with his friends, he tones down his silliness or stupid humor. He does this to impress you.

3. Smiles all the time

He likes smiling a lot when you look at him. He also loves to ask questions about you. This means that he wants to hear what you’re going to say to help him know what you really like in life. He’s really into you if he pays attention to whatever you want to say. Whatever things you want to tell him, it’ll be fine with him.

4. Calls you instead

It’s really a good sign if he wants to call you to ask you something, instead of just texting you. For him, it’s simple and direct. He can feel your excitement when you talk on the phone. And he wants that.

5. Spends time with you during the weekend

Instead of just hanging out with his friends, he wants to spend his weekend with you. It’s one of the visible signs that you mean a lot to him.

6. Replies quickly

If he hits back the reply button quickly, then it’s definitely a strong sign that he’s really into you. This means that he’s excited to read your text and wants to keep your conversation going. But don’t get mad if he doesn’t text you back quickly. He might be checking your message and wondering about the best words to use to message you back.

7. Concerns about you

He’s truly into you if he’s overly concerned about you. He always asks you if you’ve lunch. He offers his coat when he thinks you’re cold. It may be frustrating sometimes but it’s one of those things that men can’t control. They have this instinct that they must take care of the woman they’ve feelings for.

8. Listens to you

He remembers almost all things you’ve told him. Even though those bits of information are insignificant to you, he remembers them, which is a good thing because it only means that he’s thinking about you when you’re not around him.

9. Gives you a nickname

This is an involuntary way of showing men’s emotions towards women. It’s easier for them to show their emotions by giving women a beautiful nickname. He’s head over heels for you if he calls you by that name all the time.

10. Treats every day as your birthday

It’s one of the most obvious signs you shouldn’t ignore. If he buys you gifts, takes you out to dinner, and sends you flowers at work, then there’s no doubt he’s into you.

Men aren’t good at saying things to the women they love. But they do find ways to display their emotions through non-verbal communication.

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How To Attract Men With Body Language: 8 Subtle Yet Effective Ways

How To Attract Men With Body Language: 8 Ways

Most human communication is non-verbal. Unfortunately, many women failed to take this under serious consideration when they try to attract men with the use of body language. Although this language is a simple subject, it does involve some complicated methods: strong eye contact, stand tall, etc.

To make yourself more attractive to him, you must say interesting things when talking to him. You can be witty and let him engage in a conversation. However, men are sometimes magnetized by women without them saying a word.

So, what are the body signs that you must know to help you attract men?

Here’s a list of body language techniques that can guide to make that man fall in love with you without you saying anything on your first date.

1. Talk with your eyes

Let your beautiful eyes talk to him. Yes, a simple eye contact can work wonders when it comes to attracting Mr. Bond. Just by looking at him and offering him a sweet smile will make him curious about you. But don’t stare at him for minutes. Instead, look at him for a second. And when he looks back, smile and look away. This body language will make you become irresistible as he can’t stop thinking about what you meant by your stare.

2. Allow your lips to take control

When the man you’re attracted to talks to you, it’s your time to use your lips to make him desire you. Curling and subtly licking your lips is a good way to get his attention. Keep in mind that lips are main factors in attracting men.

3. Play with your locks

Apart from lips and eyes, your hair can also help you attract the man of your dreams and make him fall in love you. But you must only do this if your conversation with him shows signs of progress. Running your fingers through your hair while talking to him can send him signals that you’re really into him.

4. Display attractive parts of your body

These could be your legs, breasts, neck or bottom. For instance, you can unbutton your dress to show a little bit of your cleavage. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve cleavage or not. By slightly exposing your breasts, you’re teasing his imaginations making him more curious about you.

5. Use your hands

Your hands can offer powerful instrument to transmit non-verbal message that you like him. Open your hands to show that you’re an open-minded person. When you’re closer to him, pretend that there’s something on his coat and that you need to brush it off. Touching his hands, hair or jacket is a great body language that can surely make him want you.

6. Lean into him

Move closer when he’s trying to speak with you. By moving closer, you can actually lean in towards him so there won’t be too much space between you and that guy.

7. Mimic his body movements

If he puts his arm on the table or crosses his legs, you can do the same thing. It sends signal to him that you’re watching him so intently.

8. Laugh and touch him

Make him laugh. And when he does laugh, touch his arm or knee to let him know that he’s funny and you appreciate his personality.

There are many more body language techniques that you can apply to make him more attracted to you but these ways presented here are the most common and effective ones.

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Wearing Red Attracts Men – Study Shows

Wearing Red Attracts Men – Study Shows

Red is a very attractive color. You can hear a lot of happy songs that describe how wearing red can give lovers a happy ending. In fact, there’s a reason behind that and it could be because men tend to be more attracted to women wearing clothing in such color.

In a study conducted at the University of Rochester, men were shown pictures of women wearing blue and red. Those men who were shown pictures of woman wearing a red dress were more likely to ask that woman amorous questions than when they’re shown photos of a woman in green or blue dress. Researchers also found out that these men want to sit closer to that woman wearing a red dress.

Here are the other reasons why wearing red can help you land the man of your dreams.

1. It means energy.

Red indicates that you’re energetic. Hence, men who are attracted to this color are flirty and belong to the sporty types. Wearing red colored apparel will tell that someone that you’ve vibrant attitude and have stronger personality. It’ll also give men a clue as to how sporty you are. And if you’re wearing long red dress, you’re sending a message to guys that you want to be discovered but you tend to be considerate of other people’s insights.

2. It’s fascinating.

This color elicits something that men can’t describe. When dealing with red dress, any accessories can go well, regardless of the style. Men can’t help but be attracted to women who are wearing red dress, no matter how she wears it. It also gives men a message that you’re mysterious in some form. Generally, women who wear red dress are more desirable than women wearing other colors.

3. It’s bold.

Yes, red color is bold. It also tells men that you’re adventurous. As previously mentioned, men will view you as a sporty type who love to go out and have fun anytime. As bold as you are, you’re showing men that you always follow your heart and mind when making a decision. With red, you don’t have to be cautious in order to draw attention. This is because it can go easily with anything that you wear.

4. It’s more feminine.

A certain study also shows that the red color can attract more men because it symbolizes femininity and girlishness. Men who are attracted to females wearing this type of color consider them as soft and romantic. Thus, they would love to go on a date with them and have a quiet dinner that involves romantic talks.

5. It’s friendly and warm.

Apart from the fact that red is very feminine, it also represents being warm and down to earth. You’ll also be viewed as very delicate and inviting giving men the opportunity to hang out with you on the outdoors. Any type of red-colored dress can make you look great in the eyes of men.

Various studies associate red with romantic love, passion and female fertility. The results of various experiments showed that women in red dress are very attractive to the sight of men because the color itself has passionate associations. Although it happens unconsciously, red is truly a color that means power, which might cause exciting emotions that men love.

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How To Attract Men – With Hair Styles

How To Attract Men – With Hair Styles

Straight, wavy, curly, and short are few of the hair styles that you can try every now and then. But not all hair styles may suit your face or personality. And, if you’re meeting someone who might become a special someone, then you might want to reconsider your hair style. Now, you might be wondering what hair style should you wear that would likely help you land the man of your dreams? You won’t know unless you’ll become a man for one day, which is not possible.

So here are the hair styles that can make you become a man-magnet. They’ll surely give you the attention you truly deserve.

1. Long is beautiful.

Most men love women with longer, shinier hair. Thus, many dating experts recommend a longer hair style. However, long hair has a lot of variations. For instance, you can wear butt length hair or a shoulder length hair. Each type will somehow give you a look of having a long hair.

2. Soft waves

Before, women with wavy hair hated their locks. But these days, naturally wavy girls can flaunt what they have as “waves” can help them land a man. However, your wavy hair must be soft to the point that you can easily run your fingers through. You may not like it but men do enjoy that idea, i.e. running your fingers through your wavy hair.

3. Texture

This hair style is becoming more popular and acceptable. One of the reasons is that men are now appreciating it. In fact, men consider this style as mysterious and unique. Furthermore, some women who have natural straight locks are wishing that their hair, too, will have some texture. So, if you have that natural curl, don’t get angry if your locks run wild as some men are attracted to such.

4. Shiny hair

Men like women with shinier hair. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to achieve, especially if you’re fond of using hair products that can ruin the moisture of your locks. You can try purchasing OTC products that can add life to your mane. But don’t buy big sizes just to achieve shinier hair. Instead, get trial sizes first to determine whether it suits you best. If you have a big budget, however, you can go with a new anti-aging hair care product that contains keratin, which helps in strengthening your hair shaft resulting in shinier locks. And of course, don’t forget to eat the right food.

5. Little frizz

Some men do find it sexy. It’s not difficult to achieve it. What you’re going to do here is to avoid combing your hair and allow some fly-aways. This will surely make your locks look effortless while screaming low maintenance. This is another thing men find it attractive. If you want to get this hair, you just have to be bold and prevent yourself from taming your locks. That frizzy hair style of Anastasia Steele might just be the right style to get a man.

6. Short means hot

If you’re not fond of wearing longer locks but you still want to attract men, then you’ll be happy to know that shorter hair is now considered hot. Many men will consider you as a confident woman. This is because not all women are comfortable with having a shorter hair. Now, if you’ve the right face to go for a bob, then you should go for it.

But you don’t have to wear one that you don’t like just to impress a guy. You just have to be yourself and let that guy you like admire you for who you are, regardless of your locks.

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How to Attract Men Through Body Language

how to attract men through body languageIt is surprising that behavioral studies show that almost sixty percent of the interactions we engage with other people are comprised of body language. Body language is a very essential part of our daily communication and interaction with other people. Women, as well as men, also use body language to attract their desired partner. It is either part of the natural instincts and the subconscious mind, but people often display their interest and affection, whether intended or unconsciously, through hand gestures, facial expressions and bodily movements.

For most women, attracting a guy through body language would mean they have to show more skin and employ some seductive tricks. But there is more than that. It is true that physical attributes play a very important role in attracting men, but men can also be classy, and the message you conveyed through body language may be totally misinterpreted for something else.

So how do you attract men with body language?
First, study the settings. If you are in a workplace, gym session, or in a party or disco bar, your body language should match the settings. It must also be noted that most men with ample supply of testosterone find femininity attractive. In other words, they find cute and classy women attractive.

Second, show but don’t tell. This is the essence of using body language; you get to show your feelings without telling it straight. There are some gestures that men find very irresistible.

Curl your hair behind you ears. This is the most common yet men find very cute gesture that men find in women. Curling your hair behind your ear doesn’t only gets his attention but it give him the glimpse of how nice your personality is. So when talking to a guy on your interest, never forget to curl your hair behind your ears at your first reply.

Pat his shoulders. Men love body contact and talking animatedly with a girl who does not hesitate to give them a gentle pat in the shoulder or in the chest while laughing to their jokes, get them hooked in.

Toss your hair over your shoulders. This may be applicable only to girls who have long hair but for those who have bob cuts, tilting your head to one side every now and then would give the same effect. This gesture gives the man a nice view of your profile and it gives him the idea that you are very confident about yourself. Men love confident women so keep your hair manageable so tossing it around won’t make it messy to look at.

Bat those Lashes. Men find it attractive to see women bat their lashes. This gives the man the idea that you are listening intently to what he is saying and that you are paying him with enough attention.

So if you are in a more sensual setting, you can explore other bodily language based on your femininity. But the above mentioned are just some of the gestures men find attractive in women. The bottom line is, all you need is confidence and self-appreciation, and those will be your best asset.

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How to Dress to Attract Men

The DOs and DON’Ts in Dressing-up to attract men

how to dress to attract menIn the world of attraction men and women differ in a whole lot of ways. For women, who are always triggered by their emotional side, are mostly attracted to the ideal characteristics and manly features of men. But as for the men, they are simply visual creatures. For them, first impressions count. What you look in your first date matters as much as how you act, and guilty enough, even weighs more on what you have to say.

So for all the giddy ladies with sweaty palms and restless minds who have zero clues on what to dress on your first dates, or even how to dress to attract the male species, remember these few keywords ‘coz they might come to you in handy: CURVES, NOT TO MUCH-NOT TOO LESS, RED and YOU.

Let’s go first to the curves. Many studies suggested that men are attracted to women who know how to accentuate their curves. Having curves speaks volumes of how much women value their bodies. Men who get to see how healthy a woman’s legs, arms, legs, waists and breasts shouts they’re fertile (and can carry their children someday) for their primitive instincts. A little exposure of your long legs through skinny jeans, normal-length shorts and skirts surely will do. To show your sexy curves by having short waists, tank tops and fitted shirts or dress, and even a wide belt will surely work.

Too much cover-up will make a man travel back to the renaissance time. Too less will look like you’ve been too pushy and will push men away instead. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are and not go overboard. Legs, breast and midriff yes you may show, but don’t go too much as if you’ll dress for bedtime romance. Leave some mystery for them. Wearing too much glitters whether in shirts, shoes, or booty shorts and wearing too low rise pants to the point of exposing your thong are big DONTs as well.

Now let’s go to the carnal attractions of men to this rosy color that mostly speaks about romance. Yes, the color RED in Valentine’s Days, in killer stilettos, in streetlights and in bouquets will not be there for any reason. Many psychological studies about this hue were conducted to prove the aphrodisiacal impact to men’s perspective of women. There was one particular test given recently about how men react to dating prospects about a woman shown in a set of photographs wearing the same thing, in the same background but with color differences on the clothing.

The test results showed a huge majority of men rated significantly the photograph with the woman wearing red as the most desirable and sexually beguiling. But, an eye for this color is just limited to the positive feelings and perceptions of attractiveness for the males though. As red did not really matter how females look out females or how men look out women in cases of intelligence, likability or character.

Feeling the red vibe as too revealing and too provocative? Psychologists also suggest other colors that shouts other kinds of attractions if you might ask. They may not be as the crème de la crème of every man’s attention but they do speak volumes of a woman’s personality. The black for example is a color of mystery and men always relate a woman in black dress as some kind of a mysterious thing they want to uncover. Men who are interested with this kind of personality surely would not take his eyes off you. Orange and yellow is for a free-spirited woman for an adventurous man. These colors exude boldness so there is absolutely no doubt that men who are into this will surely go for women in these colors. Cute is also a trend today and the colors lavender and pink shows the sweetness side of women. Men who are into the sweet and cute thing will surely tend to be soft and romantic to these women.

With all these tips there is one thing that you surely must not forget. And that is dress as YOU. Bring your personality to your dress. If you want to add accessories as statement items like a pair of pink diamond earring or some bling to highlight your vibrant personality, it won’t hurt to try. As long as you know how to match the colors of your accessories to your dress, definitely you can pull it off. For a not-so formal dates and meet-ups personalizing your dress choice like wearing your favorite band shirt to show off your being a music addict or wearing a quirky statement shirt to show the witty and fun you, will let men surely get their idea.

But of all these DOs and DONTs in dressing up to attract men, one thing should never be left behind. That is to wear your Confidence up. A man will always be attracted to one confident woman no matter what she’s wearing.

How to Attract Men Through Body Language