Guide to Meeting Men

4 Simple Steps to Meeting a Guy

meetaguyLet’s say you spotted a totally hot guy a few tables away from you. Like a totally steaming, gorgeous, hot guy – what do you do? Go!

Do you just shy away and think that you are way out of his league and just look down at your table? Or would you rather make your move and try to talk to him Personally, I would prefer the second choice. No, don’t give me that “that’s crazy and suicidal” look! Trust me, meeting a guy – no matter how hot he is – is just so easy!

Here are four simple ways which will surely make you a thousand steps closer to getting close to that guy:


  1. Always look your best!

No matter how much we say that our personalities are so electrifying and great, we still can’t deny how our looks affect the way people see us. Especially the guys. Let’s all accept it – guys see and check out the physical aspect first before they decide to approach us. That is why, if you want to have a chance with your target – or with any other guy – it is a big must that you should always look your best. Put some make up on, dress up, wear some lipstick, and be confident about yourself!


  1. Flash that smile and wave a little

We all know that there is nothing else which could be more inviting than a warm smile. And if you would flash your lovely and welcoming smile to that hot guy you are targeting, you should might as well get ready to say the words “Target acquired”! You see, a smile is basically a display of friendliness and approachability. Add a little wave to that and you are already Miss Congeniality and should-be-talked to gal. So go on, give that guy your smile and wave a little! He’ll surely be drawn towards you!


  1. Talk to him first

Ladies should not make the first move. Yes, I would agree to that if we are still on the 1800s, but come on! We are already on the 21st century! We don’t need restrictions now, everybody knows that! So here’s the deal; after smiling and waving hello at him, the next step would be to talk to him. Approach him in a casual manner and say “Hey!” or “Hi!” Say for example, if you are in a bar you can say something like “Great music huh?” or “Oh, you’re drinking shots today? You planning to get drunk?” You know, just try talking about something which will pique his interest.


  1. Let your charm flow

Now girl, this is the part in which you need to let that oozing charm of yours to do the work. You have to be really friendly to the guy.

“Sushita, how the heck am I supposed to do this thing?” Chill, okay? Act casually like you two are buddies. For goodness’s sakes, be sociable sister! Say for example, if you are at the bar, you can casually ask him if he wants to dance and the two of you can head out to the dance floor and talk while dancing.

Whilst talking to the guy, do not forget to compliment him; tell him how you love his shirt, how his shoes look so cool, and that you love his tousled hair – all those complimenting thingy. He’ll love that for sure! Plus, whenever he starts talking and opening up about something, you have to be really attentive and act like you are interested and fascinated with whatever he is saying; this way, he will feel more relaxed and think that the two of you are really connecting.


So, what else are you waiting for, ladies? These are oh – so – easy steps to meet the guy you’ve been targeting for quite some time already! Go get him!

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4 types of Women Guys Go For

types of women men likeMen love going out, meeting and dating women. Men love looking at women and appreciating their beauty. Or to make things simple, men love women. But have you ever wondered if there is a certain classification of women guys just adore and go crazy for? Well, basically, there is no particular type of girl which guys fall for – because there are five of them!

So if you want to be the men’s apple of the eye, here are the four types of women guys go for. You are free to choose and try being one these types!


  1. The “one of the boys” type

First, let me describe to you what this type is. Essentially, a woman of this kind looks and talks in such a way that any other natural woman does. However, the difference lies within their actions. These “one of the boys” women just can’t help but act like guys; they love sports like boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, oh the list goes on and on; they love watching action films such as Expendables, The Transporter, Die Hard, etc; and they love rock bands! What men love about these ladies is that they feel so comfortable around them – they don’t see any need to censor anything they say – heck, they can say whatever they want! Men can act like men when they are with these gals – they can be themselves. And that’s a very important thing in a relationship.



  1. The intelligent type

Women under this classification are just so great to be with. Simply because you can talk to them about anything under the heat of the sun! Every time a man opens up a certain topic, surely an intelligent woman will be able to say something about it – and it is gonna make sense! The thing about an intelligent lady is that men usually get challenged whenever they are together; they think that the lady will get bored of them if they’ll run out of topic that’s why they would feel the need to always learn something new to share. Plus, the debates and challenging differences in views are all pretty interesting and amusing for them too.



  1. The sensitive type

Sometimes girls can really be sensitive on some matters, but this type of girl is SO MUCH MORE sensitive. A sample of this type is a lady who still has feelings for her ex who left her for another girl. Vulnerable women are pretty much in a “bad place” and look sad even though they are smiling. These women have pain showing in their eyes. And whether you realize this or not, guys actually want to wipe away the pain and hurt they see in a woman’s eyes. Men feel so drawn into vulnerable girls like they want to protect them in any way they can. Guys love acting like they’re superheroes, you know.



4. The “free spirited” type

You know how there are people in this world who just sort of goes with the flow? They just go for whatever their gut and instinct tells them. A “free spirited” woman is a part of them. She will not abide by the rules and just live life to the fullest without any restrictions. And that’s exactly why the male species love her. Men, usually being organized and goal-oriented, just can’t help but get charmed and drawn into how carefree this girl lives her life. These enticed gentlemen eventually end up finding themselves falling for this type of girl.






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10 Tips For Dating Online

10 Tips For Dating Online

Online dating isn’t only built for socially challenged individuals but it’s designed for anyone who wants to find a match. In fact, 2% of the married couples in the US used an online dating site to look for a lifetime partner. Unfortunately, not all who utilize the tools of this site have found success.

So, if you are planning to find a date online, you need to heed to the following tips.

1. Find the right site

There are thousands of dating sites and you can sign up to each of them. But if you want to successfully find someone, you have to know what you’re looking for. Do you want to look for just a sex partner? Are you looking for a partner who’s religious? These things must be considered before you get into the bandwagon of online dating.

2. Make a well-written profile

But before you can score a date online, you’ll need to write a captivating profile. The best thing about dating online is the fact that you have plenty of chances to make a great first impression. Thus, when you create a captivating profile, you’ll have to use your best picture, write a great headline, and create a sexy username. When it comes to picture, you must stay real and it must be recent. And please avoid taking a self-portrait in front of a mirror.

3. Wear something red in your photos

Red is a sign that you’re on the market. But that’s not the only reason researchers advised women to wear red when looking for a partner in life. Another reason is that men tend to use the color as a sign that the wearer is receptive to amorous advances.

According to a research, most women who wear red clothing are interested or looking for sexual encounters. No matter what your purpose of wearing red clothing, this color is truly captivating, sexy and memorable.

4. Avoid taking a person just for face value

He may say something too good to be true on his profile. But you have to keep in mind that nobody’s perfect and most men lie in order to score a date, to have sex with you, to avoid rejection, etc. Because you can’t see him in-person, you have to be cautious about what he’s saying. Even though you’re dating online, you still need to spend more time with him to get to know him more. This is what dating is all about.

5. Don’t make the first move

You’re a nice girl and nice girls always wait for men to make the first move. Even if you’re too desperate to have a date, it still pays to wait. Men know that getting unsolicited emails from girls came from women who are in reek of desperation.

6. Keep your options open

There are tons of men online who seem to be perfect for you. But you have to keep your options open. Avoid dating the first guy you meet online, until you can be sure that he’s really into you. You have to accept the fact that such relationship might fail.

7. Meet him in person

Congratulations! Now that you’ve found someone whom you like and think that he’s appealing to your eyes, you have to meet in person and go on a real-life date. Even though you’ve been seeing each other online, meeting him the first time in person is still overwhelming. It’s daunting but you’ve to be yourself.

8. Be in various communities

That means you have to sign up in more than one site. But make sure that it meets your requirements. You can change site every now and then to find out which one offers the best online dating service.

9. Make a list

Not a shopping list. Rather, make a list of what you’re looking for in a guy. If you’re a thrill seeker, then you must choose someone with the same interests as yours.

10. Watch out for red flags

If you found a profile saying he’s not sure about describing himself, then it means he has low self-esteem. On the other hand, if his profile doesn’t show his full body, then he might be hiding something.

These tips aren’t scientifically proven, of course. But they’ve been tried and tested by women who’ve tried online dating and found a perfect match. It’s really up to you to learn how to stand out from the crowd.

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Top 5 Scents That Attract Men – Should You With Vanilla Or Fruity

scents to attract menAs a woman, it’s inevitable that you’ll be attracted to your opposite sex. It’s human nature. Even men have to go this stage. But the most exciting part of it all is that you tend to do unusual things just to get his attention. To lure men, you can try dressing up with your best gown when attending events just to tickle men’s interests in you.
But the most essential part of the laws of attraction is the human sense of smell. Scents can influence the progress of your relationship with him. Keep in mind that if you smell good, you’ll likely to receive date invitations than those who smell dull or pungent.

Before you go out and choose a fragrance for your first date with your crush, you must study these five scents to help you find the right perfume or cologne. These top 5 scents that make men drool are all food scents.

1. Fruity scents
It can be citrusy or apple-like smell. Fruity natural scents are enjoyable not just for men but also for women. So, go with fruit-like fragrance. When choosing shampoos and conditioners, you should go with fruity scents as they’re pleasant for everyone.
Examples of fruity scents will include apple, orange, berry and grapefruit.

2. Vanilla
Vanilla is considered as natural aphrodisiac. In fact, in 1700s, physicians gave it to their male patients for potency purposes. It’s probably the euphoric effect of the sweet, welcoming odor of vanilla that sets the mood.
Just make sure that you choose powdery vanilla scent, instead of candy-sweet. And if you want to invite him over to your house for a dinner, make sure that you use vanilla scented candles and lotions.

3. Cinnamon
It’s a classical scent that attracts men. Unfortunately, you can’t easily find cologne or a perfume with cinnamon smell. Your likely option is to use cinnamon oil and apply it on your wrists, collar bone and behind your ears and knees. Or you could purchase a cinnamon gum and chew it before meeting him or whenever he’s around.

4. Lavender
Combine lavender and pumpkin pie and you’ll make a powerful scent that draws men in. Both scents are delicious and combining them can give you the power to lure men. So, go ahead and spray a lavender perfume and bake a pumpkin pie. He’ll be falling at your feet when he smells you.
When mixed with lavender, pumpkin pie increases arousal stage in 40% of men because of their aphrodisiac qualities.

5. Baking bread
No, you can’t find a perfume that smells like baking bread. But if he does come to pick you up, you should put in a fresh loaf of bread in your oven and serve it when he arrives. The comforting smell of the bread makes you domestic, which is considered very attractive to men. The only problem you have now is to try a way to produce a perfume with a scent of freshly baked bread.

Now that you know the top 5 scents that truly attract men, you shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out what perfume to wear. You just have to refer to the scents above and you’ll surely catch his attention.

Pheromones For Women To Attract Men – Are They Effective?

pheromone to attract menPheromones are secreted chemical factor that are supposedly used to attract another person. They’re odorous substances that can cause physiological reactions when released by one animal and be detected by another animal. They can modulate sexual activity making it a hot topic for anyone who wishes to increase his/her sexual attractiveness. These days, they’re marketed as potions for women to attract men.

Because of the new studies and claims about their role in attracting the opposite sex, they’ve become even hotter. In fact, Paris Hilton used them to her latest perfume collection.

But the main question is, “does it really work?”
There are several manufacturers of pheromones and all claim that their products work as promised. Unfortunately, only a few of them can offer you better results.

Is there a proof in their effectiveness?
In a study conducted, male and female who are in their 20s were sent on a date wearing a certain scent and two of them were wearing pheromones. According to the result, those two who wore pheromones are more attractive than those who didn’t.

Can they provide a boost for women who are in their 40s?
Another study was conducted to find out if wearing pheromones could indeed attract men. Participants who were in their 40s and single wore pheromones every day for at least three months. According to them, they did get the attention they were asking for from a guy. They never had trouble meeting and seeing guys they’d like for a partner.

How do they work exactly?
The vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose detects human pheromones. This sensory apparatus is the only part of the nose that can react to air that contains human pheromones. Although the pheromones can’t be detected consciously by the nose, men have this ability to pick up women pheromones. As their noses detected the presence of such odor, they’ve becomes sexually attracted to the wearer.

When pheromones enter the man’s VNO, they trigger the hypothalamus that controls human’s emotions. The pheromones will then signal the center of the brain that controls attraction and desire. Because the process is done subconsciously, men can’t understand why they’re attracted to that person.

Unfortunately, women can’t produce enough pheromones to attract the opposite sex. According to a research, the pheromones produced by women are destroyed by antiperspirants. Apart from that, hormonal imbalances can also reduce their effects, thereby, eliminating their attractants, which are known to help women attract men. This is the reason menopausal women are no longer attractive to the eyes of men.

Thankfully, there are pheromones-enhanced products, like cologne and perfumes, available online. You just need to apply them to your skin, particularly at the back of your wrists and ears. When using a perfume with pheromones, you must not forget to apply it on your neckline to make you more seductive.

A spray formulation is also available. But you only need to spray once, which can last more than 8 hours. However, you mustn’t go overboard when applying a product containing such scent. Keep in mind that “more” doesn’t exactly mean you’d become more attractive. So you must only use it in moderation.

7 Best, Unusual Places To Meet Men – Bar Not Included

how to meet menThere’s a saying that love only finds you if you stop looking for it. But this rule is meant to be broken. You may think that the only place to meet men is through a bar. However, research shows that there are ideal places where you can find the opportunity to look for “the one.” If you’re looking for a date on Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve, then you must go to places where single men are hanging out.

Here’s a list of surprising and not-so surprising places where you can meet your match. But you must keep in mind that men can be found anywhere. So, don’t overlook those men that you meet each day as you go to the malls or pick your dry cleaning. As experts said, there’s probably one guy out there who’s checking you out without you knowing it.

1. Buses and trains
Commuting allows you to meet various types of people. And it may include the man of your dreams. You’ll never know, the person sitting next to you is your future Mr. Smith. So, go ahead and keep your eyes open when riding on buses, subways or trains. Having something to talk and laugh about with that person next to you could be your best shot of finding love. And face it. You won’t meet someone if you’re alone in your car. Right?

2. Local hardware store
There’s one thing that your local hardware store can teach you. It’s the fact that attractive homeowners are usually doing their own renovations. Thus, hanging out in a hardware joint is a great place to meet a guy. When men are surrounded by tools, their masculine side will usually show up. And if you do go alone, you’re secretly telling him that you’re not attached to anyone, except your insurance.

3. Coffee shop
No, you’re not hunting for baristas. Just go and sit there for a few hours doing reading or writing. Wait a little longer and you’ll surely meet some new people. It may include the one you’ve been waiting for. So, don’t just order coffee, get sugar and leave when you visit a coffee shop.

4. Seminars
It doesn’t have to be related to your business. You can sign up for a cooking session or anything that you’re interested in. When you’re surrounded with people who have the same interests as you’ve, you’ll have something to start a conversation.

5. Sports leagues
Men do love recreational sports. You can meet younger men when you go and see contact sports, like football or basketball. However, if your type is older men, then going to a golf course may give you an opportunity to meet that man.
6. Grocery store
Don’t consider grocery shopping as a chore. Instead, treat it as a way for you to meet a man. There are a few good men visiting and shopping for their own food. And if you see an opportunity, don’t wait too long to start a conversation with that cute guy beside you, who’s also looking for a hearty meal to prepare.

7. Online dating.
Dating online is the best way for your to meet a man, especially if you’re not comfortable talking with strangers. Use those online dating tools to go through a list of possible men who have common interests as you have.
And if these 7 places didn’t work for you, you can apply to be the next “Bachelorette” on TV so men will have to come to you and not the other way around.