How to Attract a Cancer Man – 6 Qualities You Should Be Aware Of

tips on how to attract a cancer manCancer Man, of all the zodiac signs, is by far the most withdrawn. They often focus only on work, work, and work. They are easily intimidated and they lack in confidence. They tend to show competence by working over hours and having many things accomplished each day.

So how do you make a Cancer Man notice you?

Cancer Men love their mothers above anything else and they find those people who love their mothers more attractive than anyone else. So if you are to start a conversation why not try to drop something about your latest bonding experience with your mom. He will surely get him talking and you will be surprised how interesting Cancer Man can be. You can also tell him his resemblance with his mother if you there is a picture of her on his table, which is most probable.

Another thing about Cancer Man is that they are very neat and organized. You can always find a lot of folders, file cabinets, and papers arranged in a neatly manner inside his cubicle. So if you want to make a good impression on him, make sure that you are also neat and organized.

Telling your Cancer Man that you like him straight and forward may be the first thing you need not to do. They are withdrawn, which means any form of flattery or confession to them gives them the creeps of a foreseen pitfall and failure. So instead, slowly make him realize how you feel for him. Always be gentle and slowly build his confidence in you. A good manifestation of your success in getting him attracted is when he started seeing you after office hours instead of staying late for work.

Cancer Men are also good at cooking and household chores. This may not be to attractive for you but itwill surely get you captivated once get a taste of his culinary. For Cancer Men, doing household chores is a pleasure activity so a good start-off bonding moment for the two of you is to invite him help you organize your newly bought apartment or cook some old difficult recipes together.

Cancer Men also demands less from their partners. As long as they feel that you appreciate them, they will sure love you above anything else. Once you get into a relationship status, there can only be one stumbling block left unturned, his motherly affection. Your relationship might be in trouble if you fail to establish a good one with his mother. It will be fine as long as you have established in your relationship that mother-business is out of your you-and-me business. But if you are one lucky girl to have his mom vote for you, then your love is cemented, and you no longer need to worry because Cancer man are always loyal and they are consistent.

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61 Responses to How to Attract a Cancer Man – 6 Qualities You Should Be Aware Of

  • stephanie says:

    my concern is the Cancer/Tiger Man whom he told me he loved me within the first month of dating and how he made the choice to do so with assuring me he would not hurt me, seemed sensitive, attentive and sincere. I am a Capricorn/Horse and I took my time in waiting to reciprocate with my emotions and once I did… he pulled away. This man was doing what seemed to be 90 mph, and now has gone off the road. And he is not calling me. what would you suggest at this point?

    • admin says:

      If I were in this situation, I would try to call him and ask how he’s doing, just to make sure that its not some sort of sickness or bad accident that’s why he’s not calling. If everything seems fine on his end and he’s still in one piece and he stop calling you, then I think its time to move on. As they say, there are plenty of fish on the sea and you don’t want to be wasting your time on someone who is not into you anymore. I would also recommend this article –

    • j says:

      the same thing happened to me with a cancer man he was telling me that he cared about me and how he wish that i was his . but at that time i was in a relationship and didnt want to cross the line with him. but i did begin to like him and i told him that after i had broken up with my ex and then he just told me that i needed to be by myself for a while and then we will see where things go from there but the crazy thing about it was that he acted as if he wanted to be with me right then and there but when i told him how i felt he stopped replying to some of my text but didnt answer any of my calls so my guess is the best way to keep cancers interested is to just play hard!!!!

    • amy sam says:

      So.. to be honest with you.. Im a failure in relationships,, but I had many.. and I’d say just drop off the sign thing.. lets just talk about him being just a man.. and generally men are similar (generally).. so my source is mt experiences and reading alot about both men and websites.. now what I want to tell you is that men in general like the chace,, they like to keep hunting,, they like to be motivated all the time.. and whenever the woman in their life make him feel secure about what she feels toward him,, bangg he has it.. he dont feel the need to woo you anymore!.. or maybe he still has to but its less than before.. and you know what also? its same with women! when a man express his emotion toward you it wont be the same as that mysterious man you liked but wont tell you how he feels about you.. Im sure you would be motivated into doing more work toward the second man.. so what to do now? my advice for you is to .. NEVER CALL. Live your life,, do your best to have your own life and thing,, be successful work over hours and dont have too much free time in your life.. and if there was any chemistry he would call.. but from my own experience,, a cancer man would take loooong time to miss someone and dare to call him.. so if he called you irst I assure you that you will be thrilled,, you are going to feel that you are victorious coz he came to you. And next what? just dont give him assurances, dont give him an idea that whatever he does that he can get away with it, be fierce and discipline so he can be siciplined with you, and respect you.. let him do most of the work.. and be a prize catcher..

      Thank you, but as i said I might not be that hell of an advicor.. so take it or leave it :)

    • k says:

      Well im a man that is a cancer/snake. I believe as a cancer, he was sincere when he told u that he loves u within the 1st month of dating. However, he got his feelings hurt from u somehow, maybe without u even intending to or even noticing u did. We r intuitive and he probably realized that u did not share the same deep feeings 4 him when he confessed his feelings towards u or it might be something you said or did (or did not do… e.g. show that u care about him as much as he cared about u) that hurt him. We cancers give our all to ppl we care about & expect the same in return. If we dont get it, we tend 2 distant ourselves ourselves from that person. My advice is if u care about him then show him u care (it has 2 be genuine. . We can tell when ppl r not being genuine) and if u dont move on.

  • Cindy says:

    What’s a good response to the cancer male (only been dating for two months) when he ask me if I have missed him? Yes, I’m glad to see him but I can’t say I MISSED him. I don’t want to hurt his feelings at all. But, I need/want to do this slowly so my fear is if I lie and say “yes” then I would be moving things forward too fast not to mention lying. Now, I’m a scorpio and I want him to continue to like me. He’s a great guy! Thanks!

    • Andreea says:

      The best way, in my opinion is to be sincere with him and tell him everything you’ve written. tell him that you like him, but you want to take things slowand get to know eachother better before sharing feelings. From my experience with a cancer man, at the begining he tested me alot to see if i’m honest with him, if we share the same beliefes, if he could rely on me etc. He asked me the same question; Did u miss me? and when I toled him it was to early for me to offer an answer he admitted I was right. Good luck with your cancer man and don’t forget to be extremly patient with him 😉

  • effie says:

    I dnt how to start … but my Cancer is making me crazy figuring, understanding and analysing his moods. Help me, his wall is too high i cant climb anymore. We were doing well and suddenly he ignored me, what pisses me off is he seems not aware of it all, he knows all my number and means to communicate but i get none..we women needs attention too.
    I found out hes been chatting /communicating a lady from VN, same lady he met in VN ..he lied to me.. but i forgave him… i broke up with him wd sooo much pain in my heart…
    Lately, Hes been acting nice again but im really hurt, angry and pissed off yet im still giving him assurance…Honestly, i love him still and looking forward a good future if given a chance. He said same thing..
    Tonight, when i arrived at my hotel (outstation for work) booom!!! I saw him online n skype and didnt even bother to reply my msg. Im going nuts feeling depressed with all these…. im tired crying….
    I am a Leo woman. I just dont understand .. He is super sensitive &emotional but dont even bother to care how i feel.
    What should i do?

    • Little Bot says:

      Cheryl, wow. I have been going through this exact scenario and a half with my cancer man. Moody is an understatement. He jump to do anything I need of him and it’s always there when I call. He cooks wonderfully and takes care of every little detail, with constant reminders of anything he thinks I forget to do to make my life easier. On the flip side he is constantly talking to other women, whenever he refers to hanging out with a friend it’s always a friend never a name or gender. The trend of one minute he talks to seem to be endless, But I seem to have all of his time and fore though.

      My little sister is a cancer though and she is honestly the exact same way. she has an infinitely hard time expressing her emotions to her man, then he doesn’t understand why she is so hard to open up, then she melts down and cheats on him through her insecurity, but crying and telling me she can’t live without him.

      Definitely the cancer can seem like the textbook sign of insanity, your best option is to wait it out when I told her my man that I was interested in with a cancer, she said to be with him three years. Just said ” wait 3 years”

      Basically that to the cancer type time will tell, almost to last one standing mentality. which really doesn’t seem healthy to me either so I suppose with any cancer it’s more of a waiting game as far as emotional barriers are concerned. Hope this helped.

      I I’m very interested in my man so I do hope that it will work out. I know Cancer x Aries matches are rought but we will see.

  • Brenda says:

    I met a cancer 5 months ago, I am an aries. The chemistry between us right away was amazing. Right away we spent alot of time together. For the most part things have been very easy and drama free. I have met his daughter who he cherishes, her and I get along great. We have spent a great deal of time together alone and the 3 of us. I have been by his side when he had surgery. He has a high stress job, which he works generally 12 hour days and sometimes even longer and stress(drama as he calls it) from his ex wife. From the begging he has told me that at the end of the month when he has to all his deadlines to met he tends to withdraw, I have become ok with this and give him his space(he is never distant for long). The problem is recently he was sent to work in an office about 45 minutes each way, which has added greatly to his stress load. Since his job change we have text a few times a week and had dinner once. I am holding on with hope that we will work this out and be together, I feel that we are great together and could form a great life together. Am I fooling myself? Should I hold on or should I just move on? Any straight forward advise from a cancer male would be appreciated.

  • Bloom says:

    I’m connected to this cancer men and we only chat and exchange text for a week and we talk a lot abt future and share lots of things together. We text So many hours non stop. Until one day he didn’t text me for 10 hours and I turn crazy bcos he didn’t tell me that he’s busy with work. But soon after we text and talk abt it we are fine. But on the day we are suppose to have our first date on Sunday but suddenly he text me this,
    Shall we meet? Been thinking I’ve found out we are different in so many ways it was good for a start but I guess I not ready yet. My work, my schedule, my lifestyle. It doesn’t really suits a family

    Then I accept it positively then he change his mind and want to meet me to make it up for what he’s said..,,,gosh it’s so confusing…..he said what have I done? I am confuse but I do like him a lot and he’s aware that and at first he did show he likes me too. So help me, what pulling him away? When I said ok we want to pull back? What exactly he want? What do I do now? Should I ignore him? He just need to make up his mind.

    • Bloom says:

      He’s a cancer and me a scorpio

    • amy sam says:

      hi.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so.. theres something about cancer men,, that they do some bad thing to test your reaction.. my opinion is.. dont just let anything go so easy.. iam not saying you should scream or swear at him.. but if that man I was planning to meet send me that kind of msg ,, inside my head I would sayomg what a mothafucka.. I would get so mad ofcourse.. but i will do my best not to show it.. one bad thing about cancerians is that they are sooooooo hesitant,, in EVERYTHING.. so after sending me that bitchy text what I would recommend doing is to ignore him for two days minmum.. and after that when you reply a call from him just act call and say you were busy,, and when you talk deeply and if he asks you did you get mad about the msg? that you answer sth like.. l” listen,, i just advise you to not try to fool me again and dont tell me to do onething that you are not sure you want and then withdraw for no obvious excuse” and next time he does any mistake just show him in a smart way that you wont take no shit.. and the more respect for yourself that you have,, the more scared he will be to do any other mistake with you again.


  • candy says:

    i badly hurt a cancer man before how can i win him back again ?

  • tiomal_ says:

    Hi I am a cancer man, and all we truly want is for a woman to be 100 % faithful and caring. Yes we are moody but the moods are often created by things preventing forward progress in the game of life as we call it. Cancer men love constant growth and change and prefer a partner that will swim with the current or at best beside us. We are very emotional, and the times when we seem self centered are in reality the times we to be reassured of care most. All we want is soulmate true love, not a quick fling.

    • Spunky says:

      I think cancer men like to test women like crazy! I fell for a cancer man who worked me up after a year of pursuing me! We spoke nonstop for 2 mos with him inviting me to visit for a month. Finally after everything’s said and done. Even told his family about me, he goes distant. Tells me he has a lot of work. I believe him give him space. Weeks go by with just a text here and there. I finally find out he has a gf! He tells me I don’t understand? Really what’s there to understand!

    • Ritupriya Rao says:

      Hi, m aquarius women, i have a huge crush on my dance teacher who is a cancer man, m damn sure he likes me very much, but he is not ready to open up quickly, He asked me several times to give him a private party as i got my new job. But he hardly calls me. He secretly looks at me. He says he enjoys dancing with me. I said this sunday i will surely give him party. But i wonder should i call him on saturday to fix the time or shall i wait for him to call me???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      He even gave me missed call at nite 12’o clock, but i did’t call him back, coz i dnt wanted to sound desperate. I definately crazy for him, but i never made him realize this, coz m very good in hiding my emotions.

      • shikha says:

        Cancer man never take first step. So call him but just be normal. Dont show ur feelings coz they withdraw if they see your craziness.

  • Nita says:

    Am a capircorn female interested in a cancer male we chat but i ask more of the questions like im trying to get to know him but there is no budge. He has four littleones asingle dad great guy. A should i keep trying or let go. Me i have none of children how do i get him to give me a chance.

  • Lala says:

    I met this cancer man 2 years ago we had great chemistry, but we didnt really dated. We had on and offs 6 month ago he said he loves me but he wasnt ready for a relationship since he had alot going on as personal and financial problems. 2 weeks ago he said he loves me and he want to work things out , so now we are together but he barely talks or call i really dnt understand whats going on i just know i want this to work…. Plz any advice ???

  • Lala says:

    Oh and am a virgo if that help , are we compatible ?

  • BethMore says:

    Cancer men are shy and like to move slow in a relationship. If you ask them about them and their family, they are likely to feel interested in you.
    Check out

  • pumpkin125 says:

    I am a cancer female and I like a cancer male..I gave him a Christmas gift that i made ( a gift basket) I probably should have gotten him a watch but I didn’t any he had given me some compliments about a month ago and I did it in a letter..I told him I think he is amazing, sharp, intelligent, funny and cute,,just a great man..I don’t want to scare him away but it was how i feel so i said it…the next day he was crabby and didn’t pay me that much attention but he wore my favorite shirt that i gave him a compliment on in a conversation….I thought he was mad at me but the next day he was very sweet to me..he kept staring at me and he did the eyebrow lift thing. I like him but how do i get him to ask me out or how do i get in with him? He is so cute! I want to pamper him how do I show it without sexual harrassment? I put all these pampering type things in that gift basket. HELP!

  • pumpkin125 says:

    no replys

  • Babiibooo says:

    Sooo I met this cancer guy and we started messaging each other… Im Pisces…Im really attracted to him …I dont know if he knows that or not but by the way we talk to each other im guessing he does…But i cant seem to figure out if he likes me or finds me attractive….sometimes he shows alot of interest in me and we talk all night and other times i wonder if he’s still alive and on the same planet…i honestly dont know what to think or do…ADVICE PLEASE!! :( …ASAP!!

    • amy sam says:

      my advise is,, if you have time,, then you can invest in him,, but if you dont have time then you should probably let go bcoz cancerian are very slow and need much time.. other than that I just advice you to let him be the man as in let him text-call and set dates,, dont do the opposite not with him or any other man.. and when he disapears you disapear too and spend time with your friends and just get busy with anything except him or following him.. good luck

  • RICHARD says:

    I am a cancer man , it as been long I wanted a girl that can understand me and be there for me to feel my love mind with much of happiness and I hope I could get one. I love some one who is ready and willing to have a serous relationship with me. Will be expecting to read from u soon.

    • Victoria says:

      I recently met a cancer man at work we talk text and has intercourse before he texts all the time after his text are slow he answers my calls but the vibe is different I really want to see where things can go with him.. ADVISE PLEASe!!

  • noona says:

    hey Richard, i know someone who is interested in a new relationship. just message nursescan22 on skype or yahoo.

    anyways, im a virgo engaged to a cancer man. very sweet, kind hearted, great brother to his sisters, and great son…true he is kind of a mamas boy. hes boyish…passionate and consistent…a waterbaby, hes kind of a daredevil…loves cuddles and sweet words…ladies if u got a cancer and want to keep him, be affectionate and thoughtful as he responds more to feelings. but to those who want to catch a cancer, dont be straightforward. let him lead. and be urself. he doesnt want a perfect woman. he wants u for who u are. he might hate drama, but if he loves u, he wouldnt mind it…and when he loves, he loves deep.altho he can be an ass sometimes, bcoz he can make fun out of everything including u…

  • Cynthia Walter says:

    OMG Cheryl! Cancer men are just not just it. like seriously, i am married to one. dated him for 4years we’ve been married 6years now and counting. sometimes he’s this angel and next he’s my worst nightmare. i pray and fast specially to understand him cos i love him very much and i think he does too.

  • ariana charles says:

    well,i recently got into a relatonship with a cancer boy and i really don’t know how to handle him?what things to do to impress him and it’s really worring me whether i will make my place in his heart or not

  • K-Bot says:

    I’m a Aquarius woman. I recently started chatting with a cancer male at work. At first, we just said hi and asked how the day was going. After
    a few weeks, he got my number and started texting me a lot. He told me that he liked me and wanted to hang out so we did and we “hooked up.” After that, he never texts me anymore. There are a few times where he will respond but the conversation ends quickly. My ex was a cancer and I can say that playing hard to get really works. However this game gets old!!! He’s the one that initiated everything from the first day we met and now that something happened between us, he’s pulled away completely. Should I just let it be or try getting in touch? I just don’t know anymore, he texts me back when it’s convenient for him!

  • pinky lamba says:

    I love a cancer man. He was in a relationship and is in process of break up.
    He seems interested in me. Gives me indirect hints.
    After 2 Months farm The day I met him and after giving hi
    Lots of indirect hint S….I expressed my Feelings to him
    He neither say yes nor no. But even after dis incident
    He called me out with him. Bt due to sum problem I cud net
    Come. I have asked another 2 tymes about his answer.
    He doesnot respond. May be his old relation problems are making him reserve.
    Tell me how should I proceed. I want to try my level best for him. I love him n respect hi

  • pinky lamba says:

    I am waiting fr rep plz reply

  • Boo says:

    I am a cancer man . To be real with you all . We are very moody people and all we actually want is a 100% true relationship .

  • Oyukii says:

    My man is a cancer and he is not that way he does love his mother above all and she is a big deal and hes neat but not loyal never helps me never shows feelings hes judgemental cheats and lies and he truly believes he never does anything bad denies all.

  • Ella zsti says:

    I started seeing a cancer man for 4 mths now. After two months of dating i asked him what was i to him? His reply back was, you know i care for u, but I’m not ready for anything serious right now. I told him that this will be our last nite seeing each other. Then he said for the first time, im going to miss u and your going to see more of me. I want along with his idea thinking it will get better , NOT!!!!!!! In fact it got worse, he text me saying hes worried about me and asked him why? He said hes afried of me missing him, i was like WTF! Then i made my final decision never to see him, he replied stating respect ur decision, put keeps texting. Help!!!!

    • Eve says:

      I’m going through the exact situation. I’m planning on telling him the same thing in 2 days from now, and your comment here makes me think he’ll do the same as has happened to you. I think I’ll just get over him and tell him to contact me when he’ll make up his mind, I’m through with wasting time.

  • Lena says:

    Hi! I met a cancer guy 4 years ago and, he confessed that he likes me.. even though i like him i tried not to show it and it is a bit early for that. then suddenly he became distant till we lost our communication less than a year ..still, sometimes i check out his facebook and suddenly saw that he was in a relationship. then i deactivated my old facebook for some reason, Right now (present) i made a new facebook account, i tried to add him (since i have something that i need to ask), but he messaged me first asking if we know each other (that hurts a bit though) and then i introduced myself and he seem to remember (i dunno if it was just an act honestly) then he asked for my number, then he started flirting again,and said that he is now single. I tried not to get affected by his actions because im sure he is only teasing me and kidding me(since i never had a boyfriend), im so confused, right now.. he seems not to care again anymore.. I just want him to be my friend atleast :( I’m a scorpio. i dunno what to do. -_-

  • Lynn says:

    I have been dating a Cancer guy (7/5)/ Me: Pisces for about 10 months. Only about a month ago did he actually start calling me his girlfriend which I was happy about. Previous to that he kept joking saying he was leasing me with an option to buy. He can be very sweet one min calling me his pet name, and then sometime can be snippy with me. I do understand the mood changes.
    So he doesn not seem very close with his mom like all the other Cancer’s seem to be. But maybe about a month ago I asked about his mom as I always do, he said her health wasn’t doing very well and that if it got worse he “might” have to move to where she is. A few weeks later, I am at work (we work for the same company) and I get paperwork for his relocation to the city where his Mother is. I instantly got upset, crying. Just when I thought things were going so well.
    He found out I knew and called me at my desk. He said he was sorry for me find out the way I did, and that I we will split out time between the cities, and that I might even get flowers… and lots of Baby babys. We have texted a little the past week. But this friday makes it two weeks since I found out and he has made no efforts to get togther to talk in person. The other day he texted me and I was honest with him. I told him that based on his actions I did not feel like he cares anything about me. And am questioning him wanting to continue a relationship based on his actions/ or lack their of.
    He told me he cares, and he told me his heart was in it with me. I told him mine is with him too, but he has no really showed me any signs of re-assurance.
    I don’t want flowers, I just want to know we will be togehter. He did tell me that the move is only for his mom, it didn’t have anything to do with us.
    I am not in love with him, but i started to kinda feel loving feelings for him. And now everything is all over the place. Really trying to make sense of it all.
    Any cancer men or ladies help ?

  • sandy says:

    well im was dating a cancer man we meet at our work he was my supervisor .somehow we start going out and for the past 6 month it been really slow but ok in 2 occasion i have ask where we are standing and all he say is for me to have patience well.he is always working and we don’t talk that much. we text sometimes , and in one occasion i told him that if he wasn’t going to do a little more that i want to leave whatever it is that we are .so he told me he didn’t want me to go he was going to work in his issues , so a few days a go i needed to talk to him and he prefers to do it by text i snap and told him that i cant deal with that.he keep saying that i have no patience ..but how much patience you have to have when you can talk to someone when is really important .now he is not telling me if he want to be back in the limbo of so call dating or not but i told him to let me go..but he keep saying for me to have patience..or i don’t have any patience or i don’t understand what a cancer man mean about patience how long does it takes to make a decision for a cancer man??? how much time do i have to give him??

  • Feisty_aries says:

    Cancer man was an acquaintance at first but quickly became a clingy stalker which Aries women don’t like. I thought he was nice, he asked me out for a date or two. Chastened kisses only. He quickly told me he loved me. We hardly knew each other. I noticed that I was the screensaver on his phone, little chocolates or sweets with sentimental notes handed in public for me to read. Not once did he ask to be my boyfriend, maybe guys think they don’t need to ask anymore, but anyway I was backing off with each meeting. I couldn’t just have fun getting to know him, it was too much, he always made the conversation too sentimental. Anyway, having decided to move to another place I told him and he said “so you want to end things?” and there followed the most awkward conversation I ever had. I heard Cancer men play the stalker or the detached distant one. A balance of the two would be great!

  • Lynn says:

    Since I posted last time. My ex cancer did move away from me. Before he left he was super distant, and wouldn’t answer any of my questions of where “we”stood. So I finally sent him a goodbye text. Next thing you know he calls my phone. I told him if he couldn’t answer simple questions about where we stood he most certainly couln’t be in a long distance relationship that would take much more efffort. He said he didn’t want to be in a relationship. I said no problen. You are not. Mind you he was the one calling me his girlfriend. I said my goodbyes on the phone, really never planned to speak to him again. About 20 days passed by and my heart started to change a little. I accidently sent him a work email I was emailing someone else with a similar name. It autopopulaed. I told him hi and he hi. I responded and told him I would like to be friends. That I had done some thinking. He wrote back and said, if you are seriousl text me. So I did. We chatted back and forth, we talked about everything but relationships or anything even close to relationships. Then like 5 days later, I texted him again. He just so happen to be in town for a confernce. I was telling him a story about one of the guys at work losing his father. And so he made the comment, that is why I moved closer to my mom. I said I never not understood why you moved, I just didn’t want to lose you.
    Next things you know he is texting me that he misses me, and I am telling him I miss him too. It was very sweet the whole conversation. So we decide to go to dinner the next day. I was excited since I hadn’t see him in over a month and even before he left. Next day comes and he texts me to say “I have made dinner plans with some of the folks in the conference I haven’t seen in a long time. Need a raincheck. Thanks for understanding. Have a good afternoon”. All I responded with was ok.
    Maybe a nother 3 days later I sent him a text and no response. So I have texted him since that. And I found out that some of the folks he was having dinner with were with people that live here that he only saw two weeks ago. I don’t even know what to think anymore.
    Any pearls fo wisdom would be great????

  • Ruth says:

    Maybe you guys can help me on a lil advice I’m a libra
    Recently I found interest in a cancer man at the time I was in a relationship but this cancer man admitted to me that he likes me etc and I liked him too so eventually I broke up with my bf, Me and this cancer guy began spending more time together just speaking and getting to know each other we really like each other a lot but recently I found out that he had a gf that he also broke up with recently and I don’t know how to feel about it becaus I was honest with him from the start and he wasn’t and also he tells me I have to patient with him before he opens up to me and we can be together becos he’s been in bad past relationships and his life is going through a lot right now ….and he needs to sort all that out before he can be with me…… I do trust him and I respect his situation and all of that BUT how many girls have been told shit like that by a guy who just wants to lead them on for no reason. I’m really conufsed he says he’s serious but sometimes I get different singals from him. He’s so hard to read.

  • temmi says:

    well…. my case is totally different. .. I had a cancer man,in fact he was my first boyfriend, I thought he was my first love, but now I dont see him as such. when I met him he was 34 and I was 18.. as young as I was then, he had everything I wanted in a man,he was a good Christian. he had sense of humour. hard working. dresses neatly. he loved to talk to me almost every minutes punctual. and he said he wanted to settle down. I was cool with all that cos I thought I was lucky,I had found the guy that had all da qualities I want and is ready to settle down, but little did I know that I was in love with the wrong person.. he would never say when he is hurt, he loved to bear grudge and revenge in a queit and polite way.. even when I lost my sister, he did not act like it was his business. .. I broke up with him.. few months after we started… and we did not talk for years… but I was forced to call him again. cos I needed to get some info. about a place and everyone I call could not give me what I wanted.. so I had to call him… and since then, he was acting like I am his long time friend, he has missed me so much, he would want us to see, sometimes when I read his chat I smile cos I know its all lies.. even though most times wen he sends me a chat,I always feel like insulting him, the holy spirit keeps telling me , its not worth it, he has been asking for us to have dinner sometimes. . I have been posting him… but in the depth of my mind.. jesus know how I want to hurt him sooo bad.. because. .. if I had done something I would have been soo happy he told me… not punishing me without telling me what I did wrong.. so now do I go on a date or not…

  • Natalie says:

    My cancer man is very flirty. i wanna settle down with him but i cant help but to notice the fact that his little girlfriends are bothering me . Im a LIbra & i do not tolerate any female friend talking to my bf , whenever i mention this to him he blows it off calls me crazy and jealous which makes me even more angry and the argument gets worse , i know for a fact hes not cheating because hes only with me …. then a few weeks ago his mother passed and i couldnt help but to feel his pain out of all of his mothers children he loved her the most . i kept letting him know that i was there for him but no matter what he pushed me away . i didnt take it personal i just thought he needed space . but once again , i look in his phone and hes getting a whole lotta sympathy from his little girlfriends … this makes me feel like i dont matter & that he can easily find someone else if he pleases . now hes giving me alot of distance . & the only time he calls me is .. well never i have to call him if i need anything . this kills me because i really feel like im losing him . & needing him at certain times because he still helps me financially only makes me feel like a burden to him . i wanna ignore him & do my own thing but i truely cant . i always need his help . can someone please give me advice ? should i do what hes doing & let go ? or stick around ?

  • Daay says:

    Natalie , im cancer and I think you need to leave his crabby ass you deserve to be treated like a queen and nothing less then that. & when he calls you tell him that your busy. And as far as you “NEEDING HIM” you don’t need no man for anything , you can find your own hustle because in the long run hes going to need you. So with that being said there’s plenty of fish in the sea so go fishing girl and love yourself first.

  • jackie says:

    i went on a date with a cancer man im a pisces and instance attraction pure sex first date all weekend he had me for. then we both felt a connection and felt somthing for each other then he started to say he needed space and time not bcuz of me and needs to feel whole again before he can have a relationship or give me what i need. so i started to pull back and then had a misscarriage his unborn baby so for a day or two he seemed kind caring and there for me through text messages then after that he tells me we can chat just not every day all day…but he keeps telling me no matter how distance he seems he will alwys care about me and if i need him just let him know. but he doesnt text me like he use to i miss his text messages good nite or wakin up to a gd morning text from him…so im giving him his space and going nuts checking my cell for a text from him…what shoulld i do and will he in time come around to wanting me in his life

  • Talent Management & Assessment says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your content seem to be unning off the sscreen in Firefox.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post
    to let you know. The layout look grerat though!
    Hope youu get the problem fixed soon. Many thanks

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  • mujtaba soomro says:

    cancerian 28/6/1979 (premature)

  • Ciimy says:

    I had feeling for a cancer man and he seems to be more interested in having a relationship than me. As i wanted some time to think over it and to get completely comfortable with him i asked him to wait for few months… And he even agreed. Due to some reason we got into a small fight which made me cry and next day he says that he doesn’t wanna date me because he feels that he will hurt me in future. And he even said that he lost feelings for me. But now i have fallen for him and want to be in relationship with him and he knows about it. But he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship. We decided to be friends for a while and see if things workout then we might date or else we will continue to be friends. But I feel like am forcing him into it. What should i do.?

  • Val says:

    Need advice:
    I am a Virgo woman that like a cancer man. I don’t know how to change the fling that I’m having with a cancer man, well I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship with him, he is xactly how everyone is describing cancers to be, he is divorced and he has opened up to me that it will be hard to trust women again. We are friends first but , after so many years of being friends, we started hanging out and one thing led to the other, and I really like him but I know for a fact it’s gonna be a long time until he might consider having a true relationship, the sex is amazing and I don’t know if that’s the reason why I like him , he is very attentive and has many qualities i want in a Man but i dont know what to do, help !!!

  • patsy says:

    I have been on about three or four dates with this Cancer man, and each date is absolutely amazing but then I will not hear from him after each date for a few days, (a couple times he called me after a date but he sounded real moody). I don’t understand what is going on with him, because he totally acts like he likes me a lot ,and says “I love being with you” and things like that, but I am also worried he may still be in love with his first wife (whom he has two children with), because he supposedly told my mom (that he rents his house from), that it was a mistake to divorce her (the first wife) and get married to the second wife (he has no kids with). But I am at a loss with wondering if he likes me or not! Please anyone tell me what to do!!! Thanks so much!

  • Adrasteia says:

    Hi, i just met a cancer man, two months ago, we were chatting, and we went to the same high school. But we never met or talked. But it is so funny, that now we chat and i think he likes me, because he gives me mixed signals. Like one day he wants to be with me, the other day he doesn’t even say “hi”to me. I really like him, and want something more with him, bur where do i start? I have told him that i like him, and i do think he also likes me, but maybe i am just to impacient. I am a leo woman. Will this work out for the both of us in a relationship? Thanks

  • TaurusGirl says:

    I met this Cancer guy at work and he is driving me CRAZY. I’ve never felt so drawn to someone before, literally I’ll be fine and then I’ll look at him and it’s like, 0 to 60 my god. It’s really intense. We have talked on the phone a few times and hung out once, but it’s soooo not enough. I don’t want to scare him away, though, so I’m trying very hard to be like a friend/casual but it is pure torture to be near him but not allowed to touch. What is it about Cancer men that is so irresistible??

  • Cancer Girl says:

    Oh my goodness where do I begin? The truth…my Cancer man and I have significant others. We begin a close relationship years ago when we were teenagers then I found out he had a girlfriend. I disappeared for other reasons and we just found each other after over 25 years. Instant chemistry when we met again. We went out and flirted shamelessly, we threw caution to the wind and forgot we had other mates. We spent hours on the phone. Never had I met a man so sweet, generous with his money, and so in tune with his feelings. About 2 months later we finally made was explosive, sweet and a cancerian dance. We became addicted to each other. Then feelings started arising..jealousy first..”I don’t want you to give it to anyone else, this is mine!”..He said I love you to me first..I waited for a while because I know we cancers fall in love easily..If I didn’t get to the phone in time he had a n attitude..”How do I know you’re not making love to someone else? The least you can do is text me that you’ll call me back later!”..We talk at least 4 times a day, if I miss one of those calls and call back hours later he has an attitude..Never mind that we both have two jobs, kids, significant others and busy lives..Sometimes he says he feels guilty and we need to be strong for each the next time I see him, he says I want to make love to you and taste you. I tell him we need to be strong remember? He sulks, get an attitude and says I rejected He asks what I want for Christmas, I show him what I want..he says he didn’t know it was that expensive so can I wait until after Christmas. But then he ends up buying me several gifts that equaled more than the original!!! He complains about people doing some of the very things that he does; like texting and driving, and littering..He hashes up old stuff constantly, but then claims he doesn’t stress the small stuff and acts nonchalant..He LOVES his momma and won’t let ANYTHING get between that..his mother’s word is law except when she told him he shouldn’t be spending so much time with me as “friends”..he threw that one right out the! I love the hell out of this man, but a relationship with a cancer man can send you straight to the looney house if you’re not careful..He’s always reading things online about our sign so it’s a good chance he’ll read this and instantly know who wrote it..then he’ll probably sulk and be mad at me for days..but wince we have to keep our relationship a secret I had to vent somewhere. Baby, I love you with all my heart, you are the sweetest, most caring man I ever met. I wish I could cater to you and treat you like the king you are if you were all mine..but your mood swings, confusing behavior, inconsistencies, oh and your tons of female friends drives me insane! To others, make sure you know what you’re getting into with a Cancer man, they are freaking handfuls!!!

  • imgur says:

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  • Shanmack11 says:

    Well Im a Libra lady and I was with a cancer man. He was amazing and the sex was like heaven. This man took me on an emotional high and then dropped me flat on my face after demanding things of me that I sacrificed for him. I had found out a few months ago via social media that he is married and confronted him about being a liar a cheat and of course a waste of my time. He begged me to listen and claimed that he was going through a divorce. I do love him but he doesn’t get it that he broke my trust. Cancer man expect you to be all loyal and trustworthy but they want to break the rules whenever and claimed that’s it’s a whole different thing. I loved him but had to get away so I didn’t go back to work and I got on a plane and left the country to get some space. He contacted me promising things would be better and I should come home. I did after a few months of trying to trust him again. I did tell him my situation because I wouldn’t be working for a while and I would probably have to stay with friends because he was still in his marriage that’s before the Courts and he can’t just take home a strange women just like that to live with his kids because I don’t know them yet. At times he seems so distant while I was away and he use to text everyday like crazy. He says he doesn’t like texting so of course I told him and his new found woman to fuck off! He says he is alone but I know he is lying. Now Im home at his reassurance and begging and I’m left stranded. I saw him once since I got home and he never called so I spoke my mind again and I told him off. Haven’t heard from him since and now Im in a city with no place to go and no job as yet.
    Cancer men are born assholes and they are crazy. They use women and then want to be like ‘let’s be friends ‘ after the damage is done. They seek love, loyalty and reassurance from their women and they sometimes too busy being an emotional crab and moody that they don’t realize that they are getting that and more from their women. If I didn’t genuinely love this man I wouldnt come home. I gave up a great opportunity for him and now he is nowhere to be found.

  • Annie says:

    I am a 21 year old girl and I was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend for 4 years. We broke up because of long distance issues and it’s been a year. Things got dirty and he blocked me from Facebook and wahatsapp and calls.

    However, I called him a month back from my friend’s number. We talked for 2.5 hours. He told me he is quite troubled with his job and doesn’t want a relationship. We talked about old times and he remembered everything.

    He is my first love and I really love this man. We had the purest relationship. I tried to move on but I couldn’t hence I have decided to try one last time. I have decided to visit his city and surprise him. Our main problem was distance. If we meet things might re-ignite and we might hit it off from there or at least get into a good friendship. If nothing good happens, then I will seriously try to move on. Should I make this last move? He is not dating anybody at the moment.

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