How To Attract A Cancer Man As A Scorpio Woman: 5 Techniques That Work

How to Attract a Cancer Man

A Cancer man is very simple.

He likes a woman with a lot of natural beauty. If you win his heart, he’ll do anything for you. But if you break his heart, you’re releasing the beast that’s been sleeping within him. He’s not a jealous type but he needs assurance that you’re loyal to him.

If you’re a woman with a Scorpio sign, then it’s not that difficult to make him your man. The reason for this is that both of you are water signs. These signs blend well and can pair up easily. They take any commitment seriously and love building a strong bond with unlimited compassion.

As a female Scorpio, here’s a list of things to keep in mind to make him completely fall in love with you.

Make your family your priority

Although it’s easy to attract him considering your compatibility with his sign, you need to make sure that he’s aware of your priority. That is, show him that your first priority is your family. His life revolves around his family. He likes working, supporting and protecting his own family. You’ll be more desirable in his eyes if you’ll start a conversation with him about family planning and your future ideas of establishing a family with him.

Show that you’re interested in him

A male Cancer is a naturally shy person. He’s afraid to approach females because he’s scared that he might be rejected. Thus, if you truly like him, you should consider making the first move. You can start by asking him questions. But make sure that the things you’re going to ask are easy for him to answer. Essentially, place him in a position where he feels comfortable in his own skin.

Be manly and girly

You don’t need to act like a lesbian. Rather, you must show him that you’re gentle with oozing confidence. Male Cancer is attracted to a woman who dresses up with class. If you can be feminine and confident, then you’re one step of winning his heart. Remember that this type of guy can have mood swings. If he does that, you need to regain his confidence back by offering him some sort of protection, like having a shoulder to cry on.

Be robust

A Cancer man wants his lady to be robust but in a gentle manner. If you win his affection, then you’ll be the luckiest person as he’s of a romantic type. But make sure that you’re practical and organized. He wants to take control of everything, especially your relationship. This type of person also wants everything to be organized. If it’s not, then he could go confused and get nervous.

Show him your affection

As previously mentioned, you need to make the first move to the Cancerian male. He’s shy most of the time. Thus, he wants to take relationship slowly. By giving him your affection, he’ll gladly give you affection in return. You can count on him to bring a sense to your relationship. That is, if you’re down, he can lift your spirits. But you must do the same for him.

A Cancer male and a Scorpio female are usually attracted to each other. So, it’s not that difficult to make him attracted to you. Just make sure that you heed to those pieces of advice to make you more desirable.  

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