How To Attract A Leo Man As A Gemini Woman: 7 Practical Means To Tame A Lion

How to Attract a Leo Man
What type of woman that attracts a man with a Leo sign?

You may ask.

If you’re a female Gemini, then it’ll be easier for you to get his attention. The reason for this is that the combination of the two signs offers positive result. They both like communication and they want easy flow of their relationship. Fortunately, your characteristics as a Gemini can provide a great duo with a male Leo.

In this post, you’ll learn about the tricks on how to attract a man who was born between late July and middle of August. Even if your sign, Gemini, makes it easy to get the attention of a male Leo, you’re not always guaranteed to win his heart. So, heed to these pieces of advice to guide you in your quest of being his girlfriend.

Dress up well

A male Leo likes his woman who knows how to choose an outfit that can bring out the best in her. If you’re trying to seduce him, make sure that you regularly visit the hair salon. It’s also a must that you have regular manicures and pedicures.

Strive to look your best at all times

When you’re with him, you should strive to look your best. Show him that you value and admire that woman within you. A male Leo will respect you more when he sees that he values your true nature.

Show interest in what he does and says

If he talks about his life, make sure that you’re listening. Ask him questions but avoid being too nosy. While he’s talking, you should reach for his hand to show him that you’re interested in what he’s saying. A male Leo likes small gestures from a woman, especially if you’re a Gemini.

Be affectionate and caring

He wants to be cared and be the center of your attention. Furthermore, if you give him sincere compliments, then you’re one step ahead of the game as he likes to be treated that way.

Be confident in everything that you do

Good thing is that a Gemini woman like you is confident in nature. This is great as Leo is like a lion. He doesn’t like whiners. It’s really a turn-on for him if you exude confidence and embrace life happily.

Be loyal

He hates cheaters. By default, Leos are loyal to their partners. If he hears you saying disloyalty, he’ll be running out of your way. But you don’t have to worry as Geminis are known for their loyalty too, just like Leos.

Have fun

A male Leo wants to have fun all the time. Thus, it’s easy for you to get his attention if you show him that you’re not taking life too seriously. Keep in mind that Leos are easy to get along with. There’s always that kid inside his adult body. You may see him working too hard at work. But he’s only doing that to pay for his bills or for the party that he’s planning.

As a Gemini woman, it makes you an ideal partner for a male Leo or any type of man as you always say what you mean. For this type of man, being direct is very refreshing. Men under this sign admire this trait.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono

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