How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

How To Attract A Man Who Is Not Interested: 5 Simple Tips To Seduce Any Type Of Man

Do you feel something for this guy but he’s not just interested in you no matter what you do?

If you think you’ve done everything to make him attracted to you, then you’re wrong. A man is a man. Whether you’re beautiful or not, he can change his mind if you show him the way.

This post will help you find the hidden truth about his real feelings for you. The ideas presented here will assist you in winning the man you want even if he acts like he’s not really into. It’s the type of article that men don’t want you to read as it can disclose their weaknesses making them defenseless.

Listed below are techniques that you can try to seduce any type of man you want.

1. Let the power of scent help you

A certain scent can influence someone’s judgment. And that includes your man. With the use of a scent, you can boost your attractiveness toward any man. The majority of men would like to get amorous with women just by smelling their scent. It’s the way you smell that can improve your success in seducing guys.

Just like the pheromones in the animal kingdom, you can enhance your natural pheromones with the use of aromatherapy oils present in some perfumes. In fact, Shakespeare wrote that Marc Anthony fell in love with Cleopatra through the exotic scent present on a ship where they met.

If you wear perfume, however, you must make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Apply it only to your body’s pulse points to enhance its aroma.

2. Don’t reveal everything

Men like to be curious. When dressing up, try not to look like slutty. You can show a little bit but don’t reveal everything. It’s always a turn off for most men. That guy you’re obsessed with will change his perception of you if you try to enhance some of your body regions without actually showing him everything. You can add sexy accessories by wearing bracelets and necklaces each time you meet him.

3. Show him that you’re different

Men can easily forget about you after a few moments of meeting them. However, you can make him be interested in you if you try to show him that you’re different. In here, you only want him to remember you when you’re not around him. You’ll be occupying more of his thoughts.

4. Be a woman with confidence

Most men would love to date a woman who’s confident; who knows what she wants; and learns how to get it. But don’t be too confident as you’ll end up looking arrogant. You can renew yourself by getting a complete makeover. Do everything that can boost your confidence.

5. Show him signs that you’re interested in him

Men are afraid to show their feelings so they appear to be not interested in someone. But, if you send him signs of interests, he’ll surely come forward. You can play with your hair. Wetting and biting your lips also work.

There are other ways to attract a man that you like but you think is not interested in you. You can be playful but mysterious. Confuse him with your actions. Don’t appear to be needy. These tips are very powerful that if you use them, he’ll surely ask you out.

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