How to Attract A Taurus Man -Top 5 Qualities That Make You More Attractive To A Taurean

how to attract a taurus manFor most women, a Taurus man has a subtle strength that any woman loves. He’s a very sensitive guy but not overly sensitive. He’s also protective that gives his woman a sense of security. This is why women tend to fall in love with his charm. He’s not needy but he enjoys the company of his woman. These characteristics of a Taurus man make him more likeable.

A Taurus man is compatible with different types of women. However, there are specific qualities that usually catch his attention. Then again, these traits aren’t limiting factors. If you don’t have these qualities, then you shouldn’t be discouraged.

Here are the top 5 qualities that a Taurus man is looking for in a woman.
1. Be patient

A Taurean wants to take it slow and steady. If you want to get his attention, then you’ll have to let him take his time. He doesn’t want to be hurried. He wants to make a connection with you first before he makes his move. He usually weighs the pros and cons of dating you and building a relationship with you. This means that he won’t ask you out until he’s ready.
If you attempt to push him around, then you’re just scaring him away. Although Taureans are known to be the romantic type, they admire women who can put on a low-key seduction approach.

2. Be attractive
Taureans aren’t superficial but they love it when women display a little glamour. A Taurus man is always attracted to attractive things. Thus, you must show your feminine side when you’re with him. That’ll surely get his attention.
You must pay extra attention to your grooming and presentation. Make sure that when he’s around, you look and smell irresistible. You can be flirtatious but not sluttish. Keep in mind that a Taurus man is always looking for a woman who can be his long-term lover and not a one-night stand thing.

3. Be uncomplicated
It simply means that you don’t play hard to get. Taureans are deep and mysterious. To attract them, you’ll just need to flutter your eyelashes and wait for him to approach you.
You should also be romantic but not exotic. You can easily please him through simple sensuality.

4. Be trustworthy
Whether you’re with him or not, you must always show your loyalty to him. He’s a loyal person and he expects you to do the same. You should also show that you’re reliable. He likes fun stuff but he doesn’t like taking a lot of risk. Taureans aren’t likely to complain about the same routine each day. So you must avoid changing arrangements and making last minute plans.
And when you make promises, you must keep them. That is, if you want a Taurean to date you. If you fail to do this, he’ll assume that you’re unreliable and can’t be trusted. As a result, he’ll lose interest.

5. Be practical
He can shower you with luxurious gifts but, at first, he wants you to know if you can easily handle things when it comes to cash. He wants you to be 100% practical. You’ll score plenty of points if you have expertise in money and investments. It’s a big plus if you can analyze global economy.

Taureans like to be with a woman who can boost his assets. These qualities are just characteristics that most Taureans look for in a woman. If you don’t have them, then don’t despair. That Taurus guy you love to date may see you as a prospective lover if you only show him the real you.

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  • Burak says:

    Thanks for this Twilight. In my natal chart,my 2nd house has Libra on the cusp and cniatons (or *tries* to cniaton) my Ceres as well as my North Node-Venus-Sun in Libra. These last 3 are conjunct and conjoin my Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd and 3rd, forming a stellium. My progressed Ascendant is also in Libra and right now is *exactly* conjunct my natal Sun. There’s a whole lot of Libra going on!Generally speaking, I’m more proactive than reactive, though when that natal Mars-Pluto square of mine gets riled up -usually by some injustice, abuse of power or someone (including me) needing immediate help- I’m like the energizer bunny . . . I keep going and going and going.Much as I love my creature comforts and beautiful, organized, PEACEFUL living environment (my weakness), knowing what I now know about *how* some of those comforts are produced, has significantly changed the way I consume – from the food I eat to the flowers I buy and the clothes I wear. The 2nd house is a practical house concerned with our talents, gifts and values. With all that Libra, social justice is a big issue for me. Now when I shop, I think about the workers – in sweatshops and fields, underpaid, abused, dehumanized, forced to work with pesticides or under other hazardous conditions, sometimes literally enslaved. I also think about and try to remain mindful of the long term effects of overconsumption on our environment – something I’ve been guilty of. As my awareness has grown and changed, so have my values. More often than not these days, organic, fairly traded and ethically produced (or used) is the way we try to roll. mike ~ There was a time during my 20’s and early 30’s when I *occasionally* used a form of passive aggressiveness, but I knocked it off a long time ago. Now when angry or frustrated I’m more likely to come right out with it (I’ve been called *ferocious*) or, to speak the truth gently and politely walk away. I do sometimes use sarcasm or irony, mostly with my Scorpio husband who appreciates my sense of humor.

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