How to Dress to Attract Men

The DOs and DON’Ts in Dressing-up to attract men

how to dress to attract menIn the world of attraction men and women differ in a whole lot of ways. For women, who are always triggered by their emotional side, are mostly attracted to the ideal characteristics and manly features of men. But as for the men, they are simply visual creatures. For them, first impressions count. What you look in your first date matters as much as how you act, and guilty enough, even weighs more on what you have to say.

So for all the giddy ladies with sweaty palms and restless minds who have zero clues on what to dress on your first dates, or even how to dress to attract the male species, remember these few keywords ‘coz they might come to you in handy: CURVES, NOT TO MUCH-NOT TOO LESS, RED and YOU.

Let’s go first to the curves. Many studies suggested that men are attracted to women who know how to accentuate their curves. Having curves speaks volumes of how much women value their bodies. Men who get to see how healthy a woman’s legs, arms, legs, waists and breasts shouts they’re fertile (and can carry their children someday) for their primitive instincts. A little exposure of your long legs through skinny jeans, normal-length shorts and skirts surely will do. To show your sexy curves by having short waists, tank tops and fitted shirts or dress, and even a wide belt will surely work.

Too much cover-up will make a man travel back to the renaissance time. Too less will look like you’ve been too pushy and will push men away instead. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are and not go overboard. Legs, breast and midriff yes you may show, but don’t go too much as if you’ll dress for bedtime romance. Leave some mystery for them. Wearing too much glitters whether in shirts, shoes, or booty shorts and wearing too low rise pants to the point of exposing your thong are big DONTs as well.

Now let’s go to the carnal attractions of men to this rosy color that mostly speaks about romance. Yes, the color RED in Valentine’s Days, in killer stilettos, in streetlights and in bouquets will not be there for any reason. Many psychological studies about this hue were conducted to prove the aphrodisiacal impact to men’s perspective of women. There was one particular test given recently about how men react to dating prospects about a woman shown in a set of photographs wearing the same thing, in the same background but with color differences on the clothing.

The test results showed a huge majority of men rated significantly the photograph with the woman wearing red as the most desirable and sexually beguiling. But, an eye for this color is just limited to the positive feelings and perceptions of attractiveness for the males though. As red did not really matter how females look out females or how men look out women in cases of intelligence, likability or character.

Feeling the red vibe as too revealing and too provocative? Psychologists also suggest other colors that shouts other kinds of attractions if you might ask. They may not be as the crème de la crème of every man’s attention but they do speak volumes of a woman’s personality. The black for example is a color of mystery and men always relate a woman in black dress as some kind of a mysterious thing they want to uncover. Men who are interested with this kind of personality surely would not take his eyes off you. Orange and yellow is for a free-spirited woman for an adventurous man. These colors exude boldness so there is absolutely no doubt that men who are into this will surely go for women in these colors. Cute is also a trend today and the colors lavender and pink shows the sweetness side of women. Men who are into the sweet and cute thing will surely tend to be soft and romantic to these women.

With all these tips there is one thing that you surely must not forget. And that is dress as YOU. Bring your personality to your dress. If you want to add accessories as statement items like a pair of pink diamond earring or some bling to highlight your vibrant personality, it won’t hurt to try. As long as you know how to match the colors of your accessories to your dress, definitely you can pull it off. For a not-so formal dates and meet-ups personalizing your dress choice like wearing your favorite band shirt to show off your being a music addict or wearing a quirky statement shirt to show the witty and fun you, will let men surely get their idea.

But of all these DOs and DONTs in dressing up to attract men, one thing should never be left behind. That is to wear your Confidence up. A man will always be attracted to one confident woman no matter what she’s wearing.

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