Pheromones For Women To Attract Men – Are They Effective?

pheromone to attract menPheromones are secreted chemical factor that are supposedly used to attract another person. They’re odorous substances that can cause physiological reactions when released by one animal and be detected by another animal. They can modulate sexual activity making it a hot topic for anyone who wishes to increase his/her sexual attractiveness. These days, they’re marketed as potions for women to attract men.

Because of the new studies and claims about their role in attracting the opposite sex, they’ve become even hotter. In fact, Paris Hilton used them to her latest perfume collection.

But the main question is, “does it really work?”
There are several manufacturers of pheromones and all claim that their products work as promised. Unfortunately, only a few of them can offer you better results.

Is there a proof in their effectiveness?
In a study conducted, male and female who are in their 20s were sent on a date wearing a certain scent and two of them were wearing pheromones. According to the result, those two who wore pheromones are more attractive than those who didn’t.

Can they provide a boost for women who are in their 40s?
Another study was conducted to find out if wearing pheromones could indeed attract men. Participants who were in their 40s and single wore pheromones every day for at least three months. According to them, they did get the attention they were asking for from a guy. They never had trouble meeting and seeing guys they’d like for a partner.

How do they work exactly?
The vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose detects human pheromones. This sensory apparatus is the only part of the nose that can react to air that contains human pheromones. Although the pheromones can’t be detected consciously by the nose, men have this ability to pick up women pheromones. As their noses detected the presence of such odor, they’ve becomes sexually attracted to the wearer.

When pheromones enter the man’s VNO, they trigger the hypothalamus that controls human’s emotions. The pheromones will then signal the center of the brain that controls attraction and desire. Because the process is done subconsciously, men can’t understand why they’re attracted to that person.

Unfortunately, women can’t produce enough pheromones to attract the opposite sex. According to a research, the pheromones produced by women are destroyed by antiperspirants. Apart from that, hormonal imbalances can also reduce their effects, thereby, eliminating their attractants, which are known to help women attract men. This is the reason menopausal women are no longer attractive to the eyes of men.

Thankfully, there are pheromones-enhanced products, like cologne and perfumes, available online. You just need to apply them to your skin, particularly at the back of your wrists and ears. When using a perfume with pheromones, you must not forget to apply it on your neckline to make you more seductive.

A spray formulation is also available. But you only need to spray once, which can last more than 8 hours. However, you mustn’t go overboard when applying a product containing such scent. Keep in mind that “more” doesn’t exactly mean you’d become more attractive. So you must only use it in moderation.

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