Top 5 Scents That Attract Men – Should You With Vanilla Or Fruity

scents to attract menAs a woman, it’s inevitable that you’ll be attracted to your opposite sex. It’s human nature. Even men have to go this stage. But the most exciting part of it all is that you tend to do unusual things just to get his attention. To lure men, you can try dressing up with your best gown when attending events just to tickle men’s interests in you.
But the most essential part of the laws of attraction is the human sense of smell. Scents can influence the progress of your relationship with him. Keep in mind that if you smell good, you’ll likely to receive date invitations than those who smell dull or pungent.

Before you go out and choose a fragrance for your first date with your crush, you must study these five scents to help you find the right perfume or cologne. These top 5 scents that make men drool are all food scents.

1. Fruity scents
It can be citrusy or apple-like smell. Fruity natural scents are enjoyable not just for men but also for women. So, go with fruit-like fragrance. When choosing shampoos and conditioners, you should go with fruity scents as they’re pleasant for everyone.
Examples of fruity scents will include apple, orange, berry and grapefruit.

2. Vanilla
Vanilla is considered as natural aphrodisiac. In fact, in 1700s, physicians gave it to their male patients for potency purposes. It’s probably the euphoric effect of the sweet, welcoming odor of vanilla that sets the mood.
Just make sure that you choose powdery vanilla scent, instead of candy-sweet. And if you want to invite him over to your house for a dinner, make sure that you use vanilla scented candles and lotions.

3. Cinnamon
It’s a classical scent that attracts men. Unfortunately, you can’t easily find cologne or a perfume with cinnamon smell. Your likely option is to use cinnamon oil and apply it on your wrists, collar bone and behind your ears and knees. Or you could purchase a cinnamon gum and chew it before meeting him or whenever he’s around.

4. Lavender
Combine lavender and pumpkin pie and you’ll make a powerful scent that draws men in. Both scents are delicious and combining them can give you the power to lure men. So, go ahead and spray a lavender perfume and bake a pumpkin pie. He’ll be falling at your feet when he smells you.
When mixed with lavender, pumpkin pie increases arousal stage in 40% of men because of their aphrodisiac qualities.

5. Baking bread
No, you can’t find a perfume that smells like baking bread. But if he does come to pick you up, you should put in a fresh loaf of bread in your oven and serve it when he arrives. The comforting smell of the bread makes you domestic, which is considered very attractive to men. The only problem you have now is to try a way to produce a perfume with a scent of freshly baked bread.

Now that you know the top 5 scents that truly attract men, you shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out what perfume to wear. You just have to refer to the scents above and you’ll surely catch his attention.

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