What Attracts Men to Women – 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive in Women

whatattractsmentowomenMen, above everything else, find femininity attractive in women. This may be caused by their masculinity. But femininity should have nothing to do with being weak or in more drastic term, submissive. If we are to pinpoint all the things men find attractive in women, the list may go on forever. This simply because women are born special attractive, all they need is to discover their key points and use it to their advantage.

But to help you girls out there too be more attractive in the eyes of your desired men, there are the 5 quick tips you should jot down in your notebooks.

Quick Tip #1: Show the Right Curves

The first thing that men find attractive in women is their body curves. Physical attributes play a very big role in attracting men not only because of sexual desire, but having the right curves also gives men the idea that you are healthy and physically fit. Wear the right dress that will give emphasis on your chest and hips, be sexy yet elegant. This is also about your fashion sense; men find women wearing black backless dress most attractive. Show some skin but leave plenty for their imagination to work with.

Quick Tip #2: Let Your Hair Do the Work

The second most attractive thing men find in women is their hair. Surveys reveal that men love long flowing wavy hair. They find it sexy and at the same time attractive. Keeping your hair untied over your shoulders gives the guy the impression that you are easy going and fun-seeking. Other hairstyle like ponytail or bob cut also appeal more to other men. But it still depends on you which hairstyle works best for you. Just remember to be confident and let your hair do its magic.

Quick Tip #3: Make Your Personality Your Best Asset

If you are thinking that men are simply captivated by physical appearance, then you got it all wrong. It is true that your looks can turn their heads toward you, but for a guy to get captivated into you; your best asset should be your personality. Men are so outgoing and they hate dramas and any form of negativities. They take life less seriously and they are certified fun-seekers. So to be attractive, you need to have this vibrant, happy-to-go-with, approachable and bubbly personality. Always be sweet and nice, yet be bold and a little domineering. Make sure you are sociable and that you are not the attention-whore type. After all, men may first judge you on the outside, but it is still what’s inside that will matter in the end.

Quick Tip #4: Your Smile is Your Best Attire
Your smile will say it all for you. Always wear your best smile and no matter what you wear, you will always look best. It is your smile that will linger in your desired man’s memory. Make it contagious and do it naturally. Just remember to visit your dentist regularly and you are good.

Quick Tip #5: Confidence is a Must
For other to appreciate both your outer and inner beauty, you should be the one to appreciate it first. Self-confidence is not about being ready for any criticism people may throw at you, it is about believing that God made you perfect and you are beautiful in your very own way. Without confidence, you can never show the real and beautiful you, and chances are, you can never attract your dream guy. Fight your insecurities with your best assets and make the most out of them.

Now you have the five quick tips and you have the idea of what men find attractive in women, all you need to do is be yourself and have the courage to do it all.


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